Olympic Memories Are Made with LED Signs

12515578553_01e1ab9b97_zThe Sochi Winter Olympics are almost over, but there is still lots of excitement and spectacle left to enjoy. With medal rounds still remaining for audience favorites like hockey, and dramatic medal presentation ceremonies left to watch, it’s too early to tune out of the Olympics just yet. Some of the best parts are yet to come.

As you look forward to the remainder of the games, and look back on all the thrills that the Sochi Olympics have offered up thus far, can you pick out a favorite moment? Obviously, it depends on the sports, countries, and athletes that you root for, but in almost every games there is one glorious moment that transcends any fan base and enters the pantheon of sports glory. Remember, for instance, when the USA hockey team defeated Russia at the 1980 Olympics to win a gold medal that no one expected? Or when the gymnast Keri Strug completed a perfect landing despite an injured ankle to propel the the USA Gymnastics team to victory? Sports moments like these are so undeniably compelling that they live on long after the games have ended.

What is so unique about these moments is that we remember more than just the win. The tension leading up to the victory, and the joyous release that follows it, are as integral to the experience as the moment of triumph itself. With Keri Strug, for instance, it was clear from the moment she landed her vault that she had far exceeded expectations. But it was not until the judges revealed their scores, one after another at an agonizingly slow pace, that it became clear the Americans had won and Keri Strug was a hero. We remember the anxious faces of Strug and her teammates waiting for those scores to appear on the jumbotron almost as much as the landing itself.

It is thanks to LED screens that we can participate in this drama right along side the athletes. The replays that we see at home are the same replays that roaring crowds are seeing in stadiums and arenas. As athletes stare at these screens awaiting judges scores, they mirror the tensions and excitement we feel watching on TV in our own homes. The widespread use of LED screens in all sporting events, including the Olympics, makes the experience of watching at home feel a lot closer to being in the crowd, or even being one of the athletes.

That is why LED technology has become the gold standard in today’s signage. In addition to being mobile, flexible, and economical, this technology is immersive in a way that no other type of sign is. Thanks to lights, colors, and full motion video, these signs can fully replicate the intensity and drama of athletic competition.

Time will tell which moments of the Sochi Olympics live on in history, but you can bet that the memory of them will be clearer, stronger, and more personal because LED signs were there. Here at Petro LED, we would like to congratulate all of the athletes on their achievement, and thank them for providing us with the the best two weeks of sports we will see all year.

Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/atosorigin/12515578553/sizes/l

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