Hockey Fans Rely on LED Signs

Hockey Jumbotron

In hockey, there is no part of the rink you can ignore, and no part of the action that doesn’t matter. The 12 men on the ice are in heated competition with each contributing to offensive or defenses successes. This is part of what makes hockey such an exciting sport. Unfortunately, it can also make it hard to follow. You might see an amazing goal but miss the skillful assist that made it possible. Or you could be focused on a big check and take your eyes off the other defenders.

That is part of why almost every hockey arena makes use of a massive LED screen above center ice. The action is so fast paced and¬†all over, that even the most experienced observers need to rely on a replay to make sense of what happened. Luckily, today’s LED technology is so advanced that no fan has to feel confused. The minute a big play happens, everyone in the stands can watch it replayed in slow motion, high definition, and big picture. All hockey fans agree that this makes the viewing experience¬†much more satisfying.

If you followed along with Olympic hockey at the Sochi games, you probably noticed a pattern. Something big would happen, and then thousands of heads would simultaneously look up to see the replay. No matter how fast the puck was flying, how many bodies were crashing into each other, or how many sticks were tangling up, the LED screen in the arena made is easy to see exactly what happened. Even many of the players relied on the screen to see what went right or wrong.

For all of these reasons and more, LED technology has become the gold standard for today’s screens, signs, and displays. In hockey, basketball, baseball, and football, fans rely on an oversized LED screens to keep them engaged with the game. Thanks to the screen, fans can enjoy the excitement of being there in person, with the replays, stats, and humorous moments that making watching on TV so convenient.

Your gas station may be nothing like a hockey arena, but it can benefit from LED technology for all the same reasons. Sports fans prefer LED signs because they are big, bright, colorful, and capable of showing full motion video. Think about the signs you have in place now. Are they that versatile?

More and more gas station owners are making the switch to LED signage because it is simply easier for passing motorists to see. You may only have a few seconds to make an impression on a passing motorists. With LED signage, your message comes through loud and clear. Plus, the multiple capabilities of LED signs mean that you can rely on words, pictures, videos, or a combination of all three. That allows you to take your advertising to the next level.

Find about more about what hockey fans already know. LED signs have a unique ability to communicate a message. Plus, they are more economical, low-maintenance, and long-lasting than you might expect. Partner with Petro LED to get more out of your gas station signage.

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