Capitalizing on March Madness

NCAA BASKETBALL 2011 - FEB 13 - Miami Hurricanes at Duke Blue DevilsThe college basketball championship tournament, better known as March Madness, is unique among sporting events. Unlike the Superbowl, which is just one night, or the World Series, which lasts seven games at most, March Madness packs dozens of games into an intense two week period. Rather than wearing fans out, the excitement ramps up each day until it reaches a fever pitch in the last few rounds.

March Madness games happen in a limited number of cities, but they appeal to an extremely wide audience. Each year, 64 teams make it to the tournament, and all of them have legions of fans from their student body, their alumni association, and from the millions of college basketball fans that are willing to watch any game. If you run a gas station, there are lots of opportunities to capitalize on March Madness. Here are a few of the easiest and most effective.

Root for the Home Team

If there is a tournament team located anywhere near your gas station, be sure to show your support. Use your signage to wish them good luck, point out when the games are, and show your allegiance to their fan base. When rabid college basketball fans see that you are one of their own, they will be more likely to stop at your station instead of another one.

Offer March Madness Specials

March Madness watching parties happen everywhere, which means that people are buying lots of chips, soda, beer, and other party supplies. Find out where it makes good business sense to offer discounts, and then use the signage at your station to let everyone know. You might also consider offering bonuses or giveaways every time the local team wins.

Giveaway Tournament Brackets

Even casual basketball fans like filling out tournament brackets. For just a few dollars, you can print up hundreds and offer them free to customers. If you have the means, think about offering prizes to the people that fill out the most accurate brackets. Also, if you have the signage technology to do it, display the current bracket standings in front of your gas station so that everyone knows you are following along

The point we really want to emphasize is that you can attract college basketball fans by sharing in their excitement. They naturally want to patronize businesses that support the same teams or sports that they do. The best way to show that you are a fan is to rely on your signage.

LED signs offer distinct advantages over other signage technologies because they are easy to see, attention grabbing, and they can adapt to a wide range of messages. If you have LED signs at your location, you can put up text one day, pictures the next, and even video. That makes it so much easier to put you March Madness advertising strategy into effect.

If you do not have LED signs to work with, think seriously about making the upgrade. They can help you do more business now, and for the rest of the year. There is still time to make the switch before the tournament starts.

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