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Hockey Fans Rely on LED Signs

Hockey Jumbotron

In hockey, there is no part of the rink you can ignore, and no part of the action that doesn’t matter. The 12 men on the ice are in heated competition with each contributing to offensive or defenses successes. This is part of what makes hockey such an exciting sport. Unfortunately, it can also make it hard to follow. You might see an amazing goal but miss the skillful assist that made it possible. Or you could be focused on a big check and take your eyes off the other defenders.

That is part of why almost every hockey arena makes use of a massive LED screen above center ice. The action is so fast paced and all over, that even the most experienced observers need to rely on a replay to make sense of what happened. Luckily, today’s LED technology is so advanced that no fan has to feel confused. The minute a big play happens, everyone in the stands can watch it replayed in slow motion, high definition, and big picture. All hockey fans agree that this makes the viewing experience much more satisfying.

If you followed along with Olympic hockey at the Sochi games, you probably noticed a pattern. Something big would happen, and then thousands of heads would simultaneously look up to see the replay. No matter how fast the puck was flying, how many bodies were crashing into each other, or how many sticks were tangling up, the LED screen in the arena made is easy to see exactly what happened. Even many of the players relied on the screen to see what went right or wrong.

For all of these reasons and more, LED technology has become the gold standard for today’s screens, signs, and displays. In hockey, basketball, baseball, and football, fans rely on an oversized LED screens to keep them engaged with the game. Thanks to the screen, fans can enjoy the excitement of being there in person, with the replays, stats, and humorous moments that making watching on TV so convenient.

Your gas station may be nothing like a hockey arena, but it can benefit from LED technology for all the same reasons. Sports fans prefer LED signs because they are big, bright, colorful, and capable of showing full motion video. Think about the signs you have in place now. Are they that versatile?

More and more gas station owners are making the switch to LED signage because it is simply easier for passing motorists to see. You may only have a few seconds to make an impression on a passing motorists. With LED signage, your message comes through loud and clear. Plus, the multiple capabilities of LED signs mean that you can rely on words, pictures, videos, or a combination of all three. That allows you to take your advertising to the next level.

Find about more about what hockey fans already know. LED signs have a unique ability to communicate a message. Plus, they are more economical, low-maintenance, and long-lasting than you might expect. Partner with Petro LED to get more out of your gas station signage.

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Capitalizing on March Madness

NCAA BASKETBALL 2011 - FEB 13 - Miami Hurricanes at Duke Blue DevilsThe college basketball championship tournament, better known as March Madness, is unique among sporting events. Unlike the Superbowl, which is just one night, or the World Series, which lasts seven games at most, March Madness packs dozens of games into an intense two week period. Rather than wearing fans out, the excitement ramps up each day until it reaches a fever pitch in the last few rounds.

March Madness games happen in a limited number of cities, but they appeal to an extremely wide audience. Each year, 64 teams make it to the tournament, and all of them have legions of fans from their student body, their alumni association, and from the millions of college basketball fans that are willing to watch any game. If you run a gas station, there are lots of opportunities to capitalize on March Madness. Here are a few of the easiest and most effective.

Root for the Home Team

If there is a tournament team located anywhere near your gas station, be sure to show your support. Use your signage to wish them good luck, point out when the games are, and show your allegiance to their fan base. When rabid college basketball fans see that you are one of their own, they will be more likely to stop at your station instead of another one.

Offer March Madness Specials

March Madness watching parties happen everywhere, which means that people are buying lots of chips, soda, beer, and other party supplies. Find out where it makes good business sense to offer discounts, and then use the signage at your station to let everyone know. You might also consider offering bonuses or giveaways every time the local team wins.

Giveaway Tournament Brackets

Even casual basketball fans like filling out tournament brackets. For just a few dollars, you can print up hundreds and offer them free to customers. If you have the means, think about offering prizes to the people that fill out the most accurate brackets. Also, if you have the signage technology to do it, display the current bracket standings in front of your gas station so that everyone knows you are following along

The point we really want to emphasize is that you can attract college basketball fans by sharing in their excitement. They naturally want to patronize businesses that support the same teams or sports that they do. The best way to show that you are a fan is to rely on your signage.

LED signs offer distinct advantages over other signage technologies because they are easy to see, attention grabbing, and they can adapt to a wide range of messages. If you have LED signs at your location, you can put up text one day, pictures the next, and even video. That makes it so much easier to put you March Madness advertising strategy into effect.

If you do not have LED signs to work with, think seriously about making the upgrade. They can help you do more business now, and for the rest of the year. There is still time to make the switch before the tournament starts.

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Attracting the Festival and Event Crowd


The South by Southwest (SXSW) festival kicks off in Austin at the beginning of March. More than 1,700 bands, countless artists, and filmmakers from around the world will flock to the Texas capital to perform, participate, and party. There will also be crowds well in excess of 10,000 people heading down to join the festivities.

SXSW is one of the biggest of these arts and music festivals, but it is hardly the only one. There is also CMJ in New York, Bonnaroo in rural Tennessee, and Coachella in Northern California, just to name a few. When these festivals happen, people travel from across the country and around the world to be there, and all of them have needs your business can satisfy.

No matter where you are located, it is probable that you are either close to, or on the way to one of these festivals. With a little planning and foresight, you can attract some of these massive crowds and enjoy a sudden influx of business. Use these tips.

Adapt Your Inventory

Festival goers need food and drinks, but they are also looking for things like lawn chairs, hats, sunscreen, and coolers. Think about what kinds of goods this demographic is looking for, and make sure you stock up. Use your biggest and brightest sign to tell everyone they can buy what they need at your store.

Offer Deals

Take this opportunity to run sales, specials, or one time deals that will appeal to the festival crowd, but be sure to plan strategically. Pair cheaper items with more expensive ones, and you are likely to sell more of both. Again, use you signs to tell all potential customers they can save money with you.

Reference the Festival

One easy way to set yourself apart from other business and to build credibility is to simply acknowledge the existence of the festival. Festival goers are more willing to stop in a business if they know the proprietor is excited to have them there. A simple message like “Welcome to SXSW” goes a long way.

Grab the Post Festival Crowd

At the end of the festival, there will be just as many potential customers streaming past your business. Worn out attendees may be looking for a shower, laundry facilities, or a hot meal. You can also advertise special offers to customers who present a ticket stub. Use your imagination, and find ways to specifically serve the post festival crowd.

The final thing to remember is that many festival goers are coming from far away and are not familiar with the area. If you want to attract them to your business, you need to make it easy for them to find you. LED signs are big, colorful, bright, and highly visible. Plus, they are so adaptable, that you can use just a few signs to deliver a wide range of messages. Before the festivals start, make sure you have the tools you need to attract the huge crowds that are on the way.

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Olympic Memories Are Made with LED Signs

12515578553_01e1ab9b97_zThe Sochi Winter Olympics are almost over, but there is still lots of excitement and spectacle left to enjoy. With medal rounds still remaining for audience favorites like hockey, and dramatic medal presentation ceremonies left to watch, it’s too early to tune out of the Olympics just yet. Some of the best parts are yet to come.

As you look forward to the remainder of the games, and look back on all the thrills that the Sochi Olympics have offered up thus far, can you pick out a favorite moment? Obviously, it depends on the sports, countries, and athletes that you root for, but in almost every games there is one glorious moment that transcends any fan base and enters the pantheon of sports glory. Remember, for instance, when the USA hockey team defeated Russia at the 1980 Olympics to win a gold medal that no one expected? Or when the gymnast Keri Strug completed a perfect landing despite an injured ankle to propel the the USA Gymnastics team to victory? Sports moments like these are so undeniably compelling that they live on long after the games have ended.

What is so unique about these moments is that we remember more than just the win. The tension leading up to the victory, and the joyous release that follows it, are as integral to the experience as the moment of triumph itself. With Keri Strug, for instance, it was clear from the moment she landed her vault that she had far exceeded expectations. But it was not until the judges revealed their scores, one after another at an agonizingly slow pace, that it became clear the Americans had won and Keri Strug was a hero. We remember the anxious faces of Strug and her teammates waiting for those scores to appear on the jumbotron almost as much as the landing itself.

It is thanks to LED screens that we can participate in this drama right along side the athletes. The replays that we see at home are the same replays that roaring crowds are seeing in stadiums and arenas. As athletes stare at these screens awaiting judges scores, they mirror the tensions and excitement we feel watching on TV in our own homes. The widespread use of LED screens in all sporting events, including the Olympics, makes the experience of watching at home feel a lot closer to being in the crowd, or even being one of the athletes.

That is why LED technology has become the gold standard in today’s signage. In addition to being mobile, flexible, and economical, this technology is immersive in a way that no other type of sign is. Thanks to lights, colors, and full motion video, these signs can fully replicate the intensity and drama of athletic competition.

Time will tell which moments of the Sochi Olympics live on in history, but you can bet that the memory of them will be clearer, stronger, and more personal because LED signs were there. Here at Petro LED, we would like to congratulate all of the athletes on their achievement, and thank them for providing us with the the best two weeks of sports we will see all year.

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How The Winter Olympics Rely on LED Signs

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are just getting started, and people from around the world can’t wait to begin enjoying the games. With each new Olympics, the organizers try to put together an event that is bigger, more spectacular and more modern than anything that has come before. This year’s Olympics are no exception, and we expect it to be dazzling.

winter_olympics_signageOver the course of the games, viewers will get used to seeing LED signs at just about every event. This ubiquitous technology has become a big part of public sporting events, and an integral part of the Olympics. Everything from figure skating to ski jumping relies on LED technology to keep athletes, judges, spectators and home viewers informed about what is going on. And considering the cold climate and harsh terrain of the Winter Olympics, there are few other technologies that could rise to the task.

The reason that Olympic organizers rely on LED signs is the same reason that so many gas stations rely on LED signs. When the officials in Sochi need to display standings, project judges’ scores, replay highlights, or incorporate videos and graphics into their ceremonies, there is no technology that works as well as LED. These are just a few of the advantages of using LED technology, in wintery Russia or at your gas station.


Unlike analog signage, LED signs glow brightly in any weather. For events at night, or when visibility is poor due to snow or fog, having a sign that lights up is a huge asset. When you need your sign to be seen and the messages it carries to be legible, LED technology provides unparalleled levels of reliability.


It’s not easy to get a large sign up a wintery pass and then anchor it securely to the side of a mountain. Luckily, LED signs can go just about anywhere and still perform spectacularly. Thanks to its light weight, simple operation requirements and serious durability, this signage technology can go anywhere and do anything. That makes it the ideal solution for the Olympic organizers, and for gas station owners looking to upgrade their signage without completely redesigning their station.

Graphical Capabilities

LED signs can do so much more than just display letters and numbers. After a champion figure skater completes a flawless routine, the crowd wants to be able to watch the highlights replayed and they turn to LED signs to see them. This technology can project graphics, a wide variety of text and even full motion video. Simply put, there is no message you can’t communicate using an LED sign.


Even for an event as spectacular as the Olympics, it is important to keep costs under control. LED technology offers plenty of benefits at an accessible price, even when the screens are dozens of feet wide. Olympic organizers know that they can get the signage they need without having to sacrifice the budget elsewhere.

Obviously, gas stations are not the same as the events at the Winter Olympics, but their signage needs are very similar. They both need to communicate clear and creative messages to as large an audience as possible, and that is why they both rely on LED signs. As you are watching the games this year, take note of how often you see LED signs in use, and think about what this technology could do for your station.


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Making the Most of College Bowl Season


For millions of college football fans across the country, this is one of the most exciting times of the year. As the college football season comes to a close, dozens of bowl games are taking place, some featuring perennial powerhouses, and others with teams appearing in their first bowl game.

Many alumni, their families, and other college football fans hit the roads in order to make it to bowl games both near and far. For gas station owners, this increased traffic presents both challenges and opportunities. If you take the time to prepare in advance, you can manage the heavier crowds and even attract fans to your station. Use these tips to make the most of this exciting time of year.

Keep Your Inventory Stocked Up

In addition to college football fans, many people are traveling home after the holidays around this time of year. With the increased traffic coming through your door, it is easy to run out of popular items like hot coffee, snacks, and magazines.

Think about the items that holiday travelers and college football fans will be most interested in, and make sure you order some extras in advance of this time of year. Remember that tailgating is a big part of the bowl experience. If your station sells beer, be sure you have plenty on hand. Having a well stocked inventory not only ensures that you don’t miss a sale, it also builds goodwill for your station that will pay dividends in the long run.

Keep Your Facilities Well Maintained

Even with the excitement of an upcoming bowl game, travel can be a stressful experience, especially with a car full of kids, gear, and possibly even pets. When people pull off the highway to make a pit stop, it is natural for them to stop at the station that appears cleanest, newest, and best maintained. In the minds of consumers, a well kept station implies the kind of commitment to the customer that weary travelers are looking for.

In order to put your best face forward, makes sure that your station is well lit, that snow and ice are cleared away, and that the facility is as clean as possible. This applies to both the inside and the outside. Check the bathrooms regularly to make sure that they are clean and stocked with toilet paper. Put out mats to keep customers from tracking snow and slush through the aisles of your store. It helps to task one or two employees exclusively with keeping the station well maintained.

Keep Your Signage Relevant

The first thing that people notice about your station is its signage. When you are in competition with other stations in the area, you can set your station apart by displaying a message to bowl season travelers. If your station is in a city where a bowl is being held, welcome travelers with a warm greeting. If your station is in a college town with a team in a bowl game, wish them luck. This simple gesture can help you attract scores of new customers.

The best way to deliver these messages brightly, boldly, and easily, is to rely on LED signage. This advanced technology allows you to incorporate text, team colors, mascot logos, and full motion graphics into a single display that is impossible for travelers to miss. Plus, the labor required to prepare these messages, or revise them, is minimal compared to older forms of signage. If you do not have this technology in place already, consider updating the signage you use in advance of the college bowl season. It will pay off this year, and every day for years to come.

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LED Signs Enhance the Bowl Experience

If you are a college football fan, this is one of the most exciting times of the year. The season is coming to a dramatic close, followed shortly by the thrill of bowl games. If you have been following your favorite school every Saturday of the fall, it has all been leading up to this.

Anyone that has been to a college football game in person knows that the atmosphere is electric. College football fans tend to be more boisterous than professional football fans, and they bring loads of exuberant energy into the crowd each week. One of the ways that college sports officials keep the energy high, and grow team loyalty, is to use LED screens.

Texas_LED_ScreenAs LED technology has progressed, it has become possible to build bigger LED screens with a higher resolution than ever. It is now like having a gigantic HD TV that everyone in the stadium can watch at once, and that seriously enhances the experience for the fans. It is now possible to watch instant replays, look at player statistics, participate in crowd engagement activities like the “Kiss Cam,” and catch all the details of the action on the field.

All of this makes the game more entertaining, and provides fans with the kind of experience they have come to expect from watching games on television. That is why stadiums across the country are making a big investment in upgrading and replacing their existing stadium screens with advanced LED screens. There is almost an arms race to build the biggest and brightest. These are the current leading contenders.

Largest FBS College Football LED Screens (Dimensions in Feet)

  1. Texas – 134 x 55.5
  2. Miami (FL) – 138.5 x 48.5
  3. Arkansas – 166.3 x 37.8
  4. Southern California – 150 x 40
  5. Michigan State – 114.8 x 47.2

These screens may seem massive, but they will be larger in the future. More and more, fans expect to have a highly visible video screen be part of the game watching experience. The next time you are watching a game on TV, keep your eyes out for the video screen, and you will understand how integral it is to the fans.

This bowl season promises to offer a lot of great games. Even if you are rabid about just one team, the excitement of bowl season is so infectious that is impossible not to tune into a few other games.

Selected 2013-2014 College Football Bowl Schedule

  • Gildan New Mexico Bowl – Sat, Dec. 21st at 2:00 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • Military Bowl – Fri, Dec. 27 at 2:20 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • Valero Alamo Bowl – Mon, Dec. 30th at 6:45 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • AutoZone Liberty Bowl – Tues, Dec. 31st at 4:00 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • Rose Bowl – Wed, Jan. 1st at 5:00 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • Allstate Sugar Bowl – Thur, Jan. 2nd at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • Discover Orange Bowl – Fri, Jan. 3rd at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • BCS National Championship Game – Mon, Jan. 6th at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN


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