Stand Out with the Right Sign

Petro-Led-Signs-canopy-signs-3Stand Out with the Right Sign
Some businesses are more reliant on their signs than others. Dentists, for example, do not typically put up flashy signs because people don’t drive around and suddenly decide to get their teeth cleaned. Gas stations are in a different situation entirely.

Think of the average driver. They are driving down the highway and suddenly decide to stop for a soda, bathroom break, or to top off their gas tank. As they cruise down the road at 65 miles an hour, they start to look for a bright, familiar gas station sign so they can get what they need. When they do see a sign, there are often five different gas stations to choose from. That sign is how the potential customer knows the station is there, and the impression it makes will ultimately determine where the driver decides to stop.

The sign makers at Petro LED know that an effective sign does more than just display a price. It is an integral part of the business, particular in the gas station industry. Savvy business leaders use signage to accomplish the following goals.

Grab Their Attention
A sign tells customers that they have found what they are looking for. If that sign is bigger, more colorful, or brighter than the signs around it, it will stand out from the competition. When artistry, technology, and psychology are thoughtfully combined in a sign, customers can’t help but notice it.

Communicate Unique Information
Does your gas station offer fuel rebates, buy one get one free offers, or other special deals? If so, let customers know about them by putting them on your sign. Everyone is looking for a deal, and you may be able to sway new customers to stop at your station rather than the one across the street if people feel they can save money.

Build Your Brand
The signs from Petro LED include a wide range of customizable features. You can turn your sign into an extension of your brand by using company colors and logos, adding personalized messages to customers like “Happy Holidays,” or even putting up a funny cartoon graphic. The more unique your sign is, the more likely customers are to notice you now and remember you in the future.

Improve Efficiency
Fully programmable signs from Petro LED can be changed in just seconds from inside the station. That means it’s easy to stay up to date with changes in gas prices. Your customers always know exactly what they will be paying, and your employees do not need to spend their time swapping out plastic lettering.

Petro LED specializes in making high quality signs that are built to meet the needs of gas stations. They are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and price points so that you can calibrate your signage strategy to meet your exact needs. If it is time to replace an old sign, or your simply want to give your business a shot in the arm, LED is the way to go. Find out more about your options, and start making plans to accommodate all your new customers.

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