LED Signs Enhance the Bowl Experience

If you are a college football fan, this is one of the most exciting times of the year. The season is coming to a dramatic close, followed shortly by the thrill of bowl games. If you have been following your favorite school every Saturday of the fall, it has all been leading up to this.

Anyone that has been to a college football game in person knows that the atmosphere is electric. College football fans tend to be more boisterous than professional football fans, and they bring loads of exuberant energy into the crowd each week. One of the ways that college sports officials keep the energy high, and grow team loyalty, is to use LED screens.

Texas_LED_ScreenAs LED technology has progressed, it has become possible to build bigger LED screens with a higher resolution than ever. It is now like having a gigantic HD TV that everyone in the stadium can watch at once, and that seriously enhances the experience for the fans. It is now possible to watch instant replays, look at player statistics, participate in crowd engagement activities like the “Kiss Cam,” and catch all the details of the action on the field.

All of this makes the game more entertaining, and provides fans with the kind of experience they have come to expect from watching games on television. That is why stadiums across the country are making a big investment in upgrading and replacing their existing stadium screens with advanced LED screens. There is almost an arms race to build the biggest and brightest. These are the current leading contenders.

Largest FBS College Football LED Screens (Dimensions in Feet)

  1. Texas – 134 x 55.5
  2. Miami (FL) – 138.5 x 48.5
  3. Arkansas – 166.3 x 37.8
  4. Southern California – 150 x 40
  5. Michigan State – 114.8 x 47.2

These screens may seem massive, but they will be larger in the future. More and more, fans expect to have a highly visible video screen be part of the game watching experience. The next time you are watching a game on TV, keep your eyes out for the video screen, and you will understand how integral it is to the fans.

This bowl season promises to offer a lot of great games. Even if you are rabid about just one team, the excitement of bowl season is so infectious that is impossible not to tune into a few other games.

Selected 2013-2014 College Football Bowl Schedule

  • Gildan New Mexico Bowl – Sat, Dec. 21st at 2:00 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • Military Bowl – Fri, Dec. 27 at 2:20 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • Valero Alamo Bowl – Mon, Dec. 30th at 6:45 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • AutoZone Liberty Bowl – Tues, Dec. 31st at 4:00 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • Rose Bowl – Wed, Jan. 1st at 5:00 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • Allstate Sugar Bowl – Thur, Jan. 2nd at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • Discover Orange Bowl – Fri, Jan. 3rd at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN
  • BCS National Championship Game – Mon, Jan. 6th at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN


Image Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Godzillatron_Closeup.jpg

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/sports-and-event-signage/led-signs-enhance-bowl-experience

Spend Less On Gas This Holiday Season

gas_pricesThe holiday season is a busy time for drivers. In addition to traveling to visit friends and family, people are on the road more to shop for presents, visit the grocery store, attend holiday recitals, and shuttle kids around during holiday breaks. Over time, all this driving can burn through a lot of gas.

You are probably looking for ways to stretch your holiday budget a little further this year, and transportation is one area where you can make a serious dent. In order to spend less at the pump during the hectic time between Thanksgiving and New Year, follow these simple tips.

Get Your Vehicle in Shape

The health of your vehicle has a significant impact on your fuel economy. Before the holiday season starts, take care of some basic maintenance. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated and aligned. Inspect the chassis and suspension for misalignments that can create extra engine drag. Have your engine tuned up according to manufacturer’s specifications, and you could improve your fuel efficiency by 4%. Finally, make sure that you have your oil changed regularly.

Drive Differently

Efficient driving starts with the vehicle, but it ends with the driver. If you drive carefully and consciously, you can make each tank of gas last a little longer. First and foremost, don’t drive faster than you need to. As your speed increases, your fuel economy drops. Also, avoid heavy traffic and routes where you will do a lot of stopping and starting. It may even be worth it to take a longer route if you can avoid heavy traffic. If the weather permits, use your cruise control on the highway to maintain an efficient speed.

Reduce the Weight of Your Vehicle

This is one aspect of efficiency that many people overlook, but an extra 100 pounds of weight can reduce your fuel economy by 2%. Try to travel lightly, even if you have to pack the car with luggage and gifts. If the roads are clear, and you have the option of traveling by car or truck, go with the car. Try to limit your holiday shopping to as few excursions as possible to cut down on overloaded trips.

Find the Cheapest Gas

Gas prices can vary widely, even within a very small area. Everyone would like to find the lowest price, and luckily there are new tools that make it especially easy. Download one of the many free apps for your phone that allow you to comparison shop gas prices wherever you are. Also, look out for deals that might reduce your overall bill at the gas station. If you can get a free cup of coffee with a fill up, it is worth it to pay a few extra cents per gallon.

Fuel economy is important during the holiday season, but not as important as safety. When you are on the road, your number one priority should be the safety of yourself, your passengers and all the other drivers. If you remain conscientious and defensive on the road, you can avoid delays and save gas at the same time.


Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/mdu2boy/2985034861

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/gas-news/spend-less-gas-holiday-season

Stand Out Through the Winter Weather

The unique weather conditions during winter have a serious effect on drivers. And for the same reasons, they also have an effect on your business. Winter storms, overcast skies and shorter days all make it hard to see – that goes for the road, and the signs at your gas station.


That is why LED sign technology has become so popular for today’s gas stations. In addition to being energy efficient and affordable, LED signs are highly visible, no matter what the conditions are like outside. When you also consider how adaptable they are, they become the obvious choice for gas stations that want to capitalize on the winter season. These are just a few of the ways you can use your LED signage to have a bigger impact.

High Visibility

It is worth stressing how easy it is to see LED signs compared to other kinds of signage. Printed signs become almost irrelevant when it is hard to see outside, and neon signs have a limited range and a high operating cost. LED signs, on the other hand, are bright, colorful, active and impossible to miss. Imagine being a driver on the highway during a winter storm and seeing an exit with two gas stations. The one with the easy-to-see LED sign is the one they are more likely to pull into.

Customizable Messaging

LED signs can display a wide range of messages in the form of text, graphics or moving images. That means that you can keep drivers informed about important or appealing information. Your sign could warn drivers about winter storms or adverse road conditions down the highway. You might put up advertisements telling customers that you sell ice melt, hot coffee drinks or antifreeze. Many gas station owners even use their LED signs to offer passing motorists a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” to put a personal touch on things.

Easily Programmable

Anyone that has stood in a winter storm changing the price of gas on an elevated sign knows what a chore it is. With an LED sign, you never have to leave the comfort of your station to change the display on your sign. Not only does this make your life easier, it allows you to switch up your messaging at a moment’s notice. When winter weather suddenly appears, you will want to be able to give your customers up-to-the-minute information.

Storm Resistant

In the past, there was the real risk of having your signage damaged or disabled during a rough winter storm. LED signs are a lot more durable than previous technologies, and they have been proven to last through rain, sleet, snow and driving winds. They are not invincible, of course, but if you want to invest in signage that offers true levels of durability, LED signs are the obvious choice.

Make an investment in LED signage this winter, and it will pay you dividends for many years to come. Plus, the benefits of this technology are not limited to wintertime. There are lots of ways LED signs can help increase business in the spring and summer, but we will save that blog for another time. Before the worst of the winter weather hits, think about upgrading your signage.


Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/oregondot/6722411183

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/led-sign-design/stand-out-through-winter-weather

Help Your LED Sign Survive the Elements

There are a number of advantages to LED signage, from low energy usage to high levels of visibility. One benefit that many people overlook is how durable LED signs are, and how easy they are to maintain.

Unlike neon signs, LED signs do not use fragile glass tubes that burn out quickly and can easily be broken. And unlike printed signs, the display will not fade due to weather exposure. In order to make your durable LED sign last even longer, however, there are several easy actions you can take to extend its life. Use these tips to keep your LED sign glowing bright in any weather.

sign-weather-enduranceUnplug Your Signs

Some of the signs at your gas station you will want to leave plugged in at all times, especially if you sell gas 24 hours a day. But if your station closes at night and you have LED signs that you can turn off, do so. And unplug them too. This saves you energy in the short-term, and in the long-term it spares your sign from having to do unnecessary work. Make a note on your opening and closing checklist reminding employees to take care of the signs.

Wipe Your Signs Down

Like all signs, LED signs collect dust and dirt over time. This is especially an issue if you use LED gas signs in a dry, sandy climate with a lot of particles in the air. Simply wiping the sign down regularly can help to remove a lot of this grime and restore visibility. For larger signs, use a long pole with a rag attached. Avoid using water or detergents. This technique is also handy if blowing snow collects on your LED sign.

Perform Preventative Checks

A disabled LED sign can have a serious effect on your business. It is always better to catch minor issues before they become major problems. Make a schedule for yourself, and routinely check over the equipment your sign uses. Look for wear and tear, weather damage, reduced performance, and increased electricity usage. If you do not have the means to fix a looming problem yourself, schedule professional maintenance.

Position Your Sign Carefully

There are a number of factors that dictate the position of your sign, the largest being the vantage point of your potential customers. But when selecting a location, keep maintenance in mind as well. Avoid selecting a spot where the sign is particularly vulnerable to harsh weather, where the internal computer is at risk of water damage, or where animals and insects may harm the sign. With a little foresight, you can avoid unnecessary damage.

For more tips on keeping your LED sign in perfect running order, consult with the company you purchased the sign from. They know this technology better than anyone, and they will have specific answers to all of your questions. Rely on their expertise to keep your sign in great shape all year long.


Image Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MN_Changeable_Message_Sign.jpg

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/led-sign-maintenance/help-led-sign-survive-elements

Amazing LED Signs from Around the World

Over the last several decades, many businesses have begun to use LED technology in their electronic signs. As the technology has become both more adaptable and affordable, it became advantageous to use LED rather than neon signs.

Neon signs are great, and there is still a place for them, but businesses both large and small now realize the potential of LED technology. LED signs provide the opportunity to use a stunning range of colors, to display full motion graphics, and to change the readout at a moment’s notice. That is why some of the biggest, brightest and most stunning signs being installed today are enhanced with LED technology.

Around the world, LED signs are going up that dazzle all who see them. These are some of the most jaw-dropping examples.


AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, was the first NFL stadium to make use of a full 1080p HD display for their arena screen. The display surface measures 72 feet high by 160 feet wide and offers replays, crowd reaction shots, advertisements and graphics. The screen is so large that several teams have had punts bounce off of it during games. Like everything in Texas, the LED screen at AT&T Stadium is extra big.

Times Square

Times Square has always been known for creative, oversized electronic signs. In earlier days they were primarily neon, but today the landmark location is filled with stunning LED signs. One of the most impressive is the Walgreens sign which was installed in 2008. The sign is made out of a series of diagonally-aligned panels, so that the display wraps around the side of the building seamlessly. More than 30 custom built computers control the display, which shows everything from ads to breaking news.

The Podium

When the LED sign on the side of the Podium Tower in Dubai is completed, it is expected to be the largest LED sign in the world. The sign will literally cover one side of the building and stretch to a height of 33 stories. Once lit, it will be visible for up to 1.5 kilometers. Amazingly, the sign offers a full color display but does not obstruct the flow of natural light into the building.

The Invisible Tower

This one is still in the design phase, but when it is completed it will be one of the world’s architectural marvels. The South Korean government has approved plans to begin construction of “The Invisible Tower,” a skyscraper whose entire facade is covered in an LED skin. Using a sophisticated series of cameras, the skin will reflect the surrounding landscape so that the tower does not appear to be there at all. In addition to being nearly invisible, the tower will be one of the tallest building in the world when it is completed.

In 20 years time, there is no telling how far LED technology will have advanced. The potential is immense, but already LED signs offer exciting opportunities for anyone who wants to grab attention. If you are ready to update your signage, learn more about everything LED technology can do.


Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cowboysstadiumvideoscreen2009.jpg

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/famous-signs/amazing-led-signs-around-world

Iconic Neon Signs

With their bright colors and warm glow, it is hard to miss a neon sign. That’s probably why there are so many of them out there. These iconic sights are part of the visual fabric of this country, and countries around the world.

The neon sign was first introduced in its modern form at the 1910 Paris Motor Show. They caused an immediate sensation, and artists, architects, designers and business owners saw their potential from the start. By 1940, there were as many as 2,000 shops in the United States alone producing neon signs.

Neon signage is not as popular as it used to be, but there are still a few signs that everyone recognizes. Many cities are also making efforts to restore their classic signs. Take a trip through the golden age of neon signage, and see if you recognize some of these iconic landmarks.

las-vegas-signThe Las Vegas Sign

Even if you have never been to Las Vegas, you probably recognize the sign that welcomes visitors to town. It was built in 1959 and has become as iconic as any of the hotels on the Strip. Las Vegas has always been a city of lights, and the welcome sign is just one of dozens of neon masterpieces that are still shining bright in Sin City.

Sam the Record Man Sign

Sam’s Record Store in Toronto has a neon sign that is impossible to miss. Two gigantic vinyl records are mounted to the front of the store and feature neon tubing in place of the grooves. Not only is this sign attention-grabbing, it also shows off all the creative ways there are to use neon. As long as Sam is still selling records, his sign will draw in customers from far and wide.

Coca-Cola Sign in Times Square

In 1920, an upstart soda company called Coca-Cola erected a 75-foot-tall sign in Times Square. In 1923, neon lighting was added, making the sign the second largest electric sign in the world at the time. The memorable ad was moved to a different location in 1932 where it has undergone many upgrades and modifications. The original, however, is a symbol of the neon wonderland that was Times Square in the first half of the 20th century.

Grain Belt Beer Sign

More people probably recognized the Grain Belt Beer sign than have actually tried the product. The neon letters of the name are superimposed over a giant rendering of the bottle cap. The sign was erected soon after Prohibition ended, and is directly adjacent to a major bridge in Minneapolis. It is still lit today and considered by most to be a local landmark.

New advances in signage have become more popular than neon for many businesses. But this style of sign is still in use, and people are finding creative ways to display them. It goes to show how popular and effective electronic signage is for businesses. The customers of the future, just like the customers of the past, will stop and stare when they see a truly spectacular electronic sign.


Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Welcome_to_Las_Vegas_%285779556217%29.jpg
Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/famous-signs/iconic-neon-signs

How do Expats Celebrate Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving holiday is primarily celebrated in America and Canada. But there are scores of Americans living abroad for work, school or pleasure. As much fun as it is to experience a new culture, it is hard for expats to give up all the traditions they left behind, and Thanksgiving is no exception.

Luckily, there’s no reason that Americans living abroad can’t observe, celebrate and enjoy the holiday from anywhere in the world. People who live outside of America rely on celebrations like Thanksgiving to remind them of friends and family back home. Here are a few ways that expats make the day special



It may or may not be possible to get Thanksgiving staples depending on where the expat lives. In some places, it’s easy to find frozen turkeys and potatoes to create an authentic feast. In other places, however, the local culture has never seen a turkey, let alone a can of cranberry sauce.

In instances where the menu is a challenge, expats often prepare a feast of local cuisine. In the same way that Thanksgiving in America is a time to enjoy eating a little too much delicious food, there is the opportunity to feast on something almost anywhere in the world. And since Thanksgiving is not a holiday in most places, restaurants are open and happy to feed a hungry crowd. Expats in particularly remote areas might indulge in one favorite food as a way to mark the holiday.


Much like Thanksgiving itself, football is largely an American phenomenon. In larger foreign cities it may be possible to watch American football on satellite TV, but this often means staying up until odd hours. Die-hard fans make the effort, but most expats find some other way to enjoy the sport.

In places where there is a large American population, or a group of eager locals, games of touch football are organized just like they are in backyards across America. In some other cases they play soccer or basketball, or fall back on video game football to remind them of home.

Friends and Family

Many expats use Thanksgiving abroad as a way to introduce American traditions to new friends and bond over a great meal. Groups of Americans often organize some sort of Thanksgiving celebration and then invite along their new friends to join in the fun. Most will tell you that the company and camaraderie is more important than the food or festivities.

Thanksgiving is also a great time to call home by phone or video chat. When multiple generations gather together under one roof to celebrate Thanksgiving, it gives the expat a chance to chat with them all and experience the warmth of family. For those that are open-minded and a little flexible, Thanksgiving abroad can be a truly special occasion.

If you know someone who is living outside of the country, consider sending them a care package for the holiday. Pack it full of their favorite nonperishable foods, include a handwritten letter, and maybe even a picture. Simple gestures like these mean a lot to the person receiving the package.


Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:NATO_Training_Mission_Afghanistan_members_receive_top-notch_service_on_Thanksgiving_%286394858479%29.jpg

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/road-trips-and-sight-seeing/expats-celebrate-thanksgiving

Getting Home for the Holidays Safely

The winter holidays are some of the busiest travel days of the year. Hundreds of thousands of people hit the road to visit friends and family. In some cases, they are only going a few miles. In others, they are traveling across several states.

Holiday travel can be a stressful experience, especially if you have a long way to go. No matter how far you are traveling, though, it is important to travel safely. Your goal is to get where you are going so that you can enjoy the holidays, so avoid taking unnecessary risks. Follow these holiday travel tips when you hit the road this year.


Prepare Your Vehicle
Before you leave on your trip, make sure that your vehicle is in good working condition. Have the oil changed and air up the tires. Top off the windshield washer fluid and make sure you have antifreeze in the radiator, especially if you are traveling to a cold climate. If your vehicle has been having issues, consult with a mechanic before you leave to make sure you won’t break down on the road.

Plan Your Route
Consult a map before you leave and plan out a detailed driving route. The shortest route may not necessarily be the fastest or safest, so investigate alternate routes. It is always a good idea to have a paper copy of your directions in case your phone runs out of batteries or your GPS malfunctions. Also, check the weather along your route before you leave so you will be prepared for storms.

Follow the Speed Limit
In addition to being unsafe, speeding can get you a ticket, which is both time-consuming and frustrating. Obey all posted speed limits, and keep in mind that increased congestion may force you to drive below the speed limit.

Take Time for Rest
Get a good night’s sleep the night before you leave, and take frequent breaks along the way. Getting out of the car to stretch your legs, use the bathroom and grab a snack can improve your mood and help you drive safer. A good policy is to stop every 100 miles or two hours.

Prepare for the Unexpected
Keep a blanket, a pair of gloves and a flashlight in the trunk of your car in case your vehicle becomes disabled for some reason. You may also want to bring along a bag of kitty litter to help your vehicle get traction in icy conditions. If you know that your vehicle leaks fluids, make sure that you carry extras with you. Do not let your gas tank get below half full to avoid frozen fuel lines and the risk of running out of gas.

Holiday travel can be a difficult experience, and if you are traveling with children, lots of luggage and possibly even pets, it can fray your nerves. A bad mood leads to reckless driving and irrational decision making. Make sure to stay calm, and if you feel the need to stop, do not hesitate to do so.


Image Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:US_Highway_50_westbound,_West_of_Eureka,_NV.jpg

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/traveling-tips/getting-home-holidays-safely

The Importance of a Warranty from Petro LED

5-year-warranty-150The Importance of a Warranty From Petro LED

One of the most unique services offered by Petro LED is our 5 year limited warranty. This warranty covers you in the event that a sign is broken or defective. You may not think that your sign will ever require maintenance, but it is important to be prepared if something happens.

At Petro LED, we are committed to building and installing the very highest quality signs. That is why we are pleased to offer this warranty. Very rarely do clients have an issue with one of our signs, but if they ever do, we are happy to get the problem fixed fast. This is all a part of out commitment to you and your station. We want you to be happy with your new sign for years to come

What Does the Warranty Cover?

Generally stated, the warranty covers you in the event that your sign is damaged in the course of normal use. As long as the sign has not been tampered with or damaged because of misuse or storm damage, you are likely covered. Our goal is to be there if the sign we build for you does not meet our exacting standards.

How Long Does the Warranty Last?

You are covered under our warranty program for a period of 5 years. The warranty is offered at no cost with almost all of our products. We believe in this generous offer because we have so much faith in our product and so much commitment to our customers.

Why Do I Need a Warranty?

You have made the investment in an LED sign because you understand the importance of signage for any and every gas station. If your sign breaks down, it seriously affects your business. Not only can you not display prices, but customers may mistakenly believe that you have closed down. It is impossible to estimate how much business you may lose simply because your sign does not work.

We design and build these signs, which makes us experts at repairing them should there ever be a problem. When your sign goes on the fritz, you will want to have an experienced technician take care of the problem fast. That is why our 5 year warranty is such an important piece of insurance. You don’t want a bad situation to get worse, and we are here to help.

Where Can I Find Out More?

Our website has all the information you will want to know about our warranty offer. The terms and conditions are clearly spelled out so you can purchase a sign with confidence. If you have questions, we have representatives you can reach by either phone or chat that would be happy to tell you everything you want to know. And if you ever have a problem, there is a dedicated part of our website for reporting it so that you can get service fast.

Other sign makers to not offer a warranty that is this long or thorough, and some do not offer any warranty at all. We are happy to make this offer because your satisfaction is our paramount concern. Purchase a sign for us knowing you have support if you ever need it.

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/petro-led/importance-warranty-petro-led

The Rich History of Gas Stations in America


America has always loved its cars. Hitting the open road is a symbol of the freedom that this country was founded on. Almost as iconic as the automobile are the gas stations which keep them running. The American landscape is dotted with thousands of gas stations in every size, shape, and style imaginable.

Gas stations are more than just a place to fill up the tank, though. They offer weary travelers a chance to stretch their legs, use the bathroom, grab a cold drink, and have a chat with the locals. Gas stations are also a unique part of the landscape, and many use creative signs or novelty attractions to draw in customers.

There is a reason that some people collect gas station memorabilia. The gas station has a rich history in this country, and it is a classic symbol of Americana. Read on to learn how the gas station became such a familiar place.

Early History

Owners of the first automobiles relied on gas tanks and drums to fill up their tanks. Gasoline was not as in-demand as it is today, so there was no need for dedicated gas stations. Most people bought their gas at hardware stores, general stores, and even from door to door salesmen.

As demand for gasoline grew, oil companies began to create signature brands and advertise their unique features. They also built the first filling stations and equipped them with modern pumps. In order to draw in customers, they put their name and logo on large signs so that drivers could easily find their favorite brand.

Gas Station Designs

Gas station owners soon realized that the station could be an attraction in and of itself. In the early 1920s, one owner built a station in Pennsylvania styled after an Oriental pagoda. The building caused a sensation, and even people without cars traveled to see it.

In another famous example, a station was built in an octagon shape with a pyramidal roof. Attached to the top of the roof was a massive red light bulb that was visible from miles away. Motorists were drawn to the station day and night because there was no way to miss it.

As more and more stations popped up and competition for customers became fierce, gas station owners realizes that the look of the station was a powerful way to attract drivers. Architect Robert Venturi called gas stations “decorated sheds,” meaning that the building itself was not meant to be beautiful but simply to serve as a backdrop for the gas station sign, the most visible feature of most stations.

Past and Present

The technology and levels of service offered at gas stations have changed a lot over the years, but the basic design has remained remarkably consistent. Today’s stations still rely on large, highly visible signs to tell customers where the station is and what is available there.

Throughout the colorful history of the gas station, the importance of the sign has remained a constant. Today’s station owners now rely on bright, bold, colorful LED signs that can be quickly changed and even display full motion graphics. The look is different, but the principle is the same: get the customer’s attention, and they are more likely to stop at your station.

Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Dixie_Gas_Station_Sign_Meridian.jpg

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/gas-news/rich-history-gas-stations-america