Upgrading to LED Signs: A How To Guide


So you have decided to make the switch from your old and outdated signage to modern signage that utilizes LED technologies. You can expect to reap the benefits immediately, but it is important that you handle the transition carefully. This is a major project for your gas station and not one that you can just dive into. We have put together this simple how-to guide to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Plan the Scope of Your Order

Do you plan to upgrade all your signs to LEDs, or just your primary sign? Knowing how fully you want to invest in new technologies can help you budget, coordinate installations, and select the right sign models. Ask yourself, how many of my signs are creating business, and how many are just there? Any sign that does not generate revenue is a waste of space.

Analyze Your Resources

LED signs require certain amounts of space and access to electricity in order to function properly. Survey your property, and identify where your utilities are located, how topography will affect a new sign, and how much space you have to work with. Conducting this survey earlier rather than later can ensure your site is properly prepared when it’s time to install your new signs. If necessary, get in touch with a contractor to help you update your wiring or regrade your site.

Prepare for Construction

Installing new signage may temporarily interrupt your day to day operations. Decide if you want to close down entirely, or shut off just a few pumps. If you are having a large primary sign installed, consider the effect that crane trucks and construction crews may have on your customers. Planning ahead can help you minimize the frustrations for the people that support your business.

Study the Laws

Some municipalities have laws about where you can put signs, how large or bright they can be, and what they can display. Make sure you know about any laws you are subject to before you start ordering signs.

Create a Budget

If you have never relied on electronic signage before, LED signage will have an affect on your utility bills, even if it is minimal. There are also potential maintenance costs, installations costs, and insurance considerations. Work with your signage provider to determine exactly what you LED signage will cost you, and then figure that cost into your future budget.

Place Your Order

The final step is to place your order. A qualified supplier of LED signage with particular expertise serving gas stations can help you find the models that are right for your site. The range of options available to you is extensive, so rest assured that there is a sign out there to meet your needs. If you have questions about any of these steps, ask your supplier to provide you with detailed answers. They understand this technology and the unique challenges of implementation better than anyone. Rely on their expertise from the first step to the last.

Image Source: flickr.com/photos/75001512@N00/4701975698

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/led-sign-design/upgrading-led-signs-guide/


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