Selecting the Right LED Signs


LED technology is so advanced and versatile that is has near limitless applications. That opens up exciting possibilities for you gas station, but it can also make it difficult to select the right sign. With so many choices, how do you find the sign that provides the right combination of cost and capability? We have put together this basic guide to introduce you to the various categories of LED signs we offer.

Gas Price Signs

Gas price signs simply display the cost of a gallon of gas in bright, clear numbers. We offer sizes ranging from 8 inches to 72 inches. Signs are available in a range of color choices and with features that make it easy for customers to distinguish the cost of diesel, unleaded, premium etc. As prices change, you can adjust the display remotely from up to 300 feet away.

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs offer the most amount of versatility. Think of them as TV screens that can accommodate a wide range of text, pictures, and videos. This capability allows you to expand the marketing and branding potential of your signage significantly. We offer these signs in a wide range of sizes, with varying levels of resolution, and with tri-color or full color image potential.

Canopy Signs

Canopy signs are a lot like gas price signs, but they are attached to the side of your canopy. The advantage is that they can be installed onto almost any canopy with ease, which means you have to make few if any special provisions to start using LED signage. The canopy is also a high-visibility location that naturally draws the eye of drivers. These signs, like all our signs, are available in multiple sizes, colors, and display configurations.

Cash/Credit Signs

If you offer different prices to customers paying with cash or credit, these signs make it easy to advertise both prices on a single display. That cuts down on the total number of signs you need, and makes the information easier for your customers to digest. Plus, like the gas price signs we mentioned earlier, the price can be changed in just seconds from inside your station.

Which Signs Are Right for My Business?

The answer to that question depends on many factors, from the size of your station, to your budget, to the signage you have in place currently. Remember that a single LED sign in the right place displaying the right message can still have a significant impact on your business. You can upgrade entirely to LED signs, or make them just a single feature of your overall signage mix.

To learn more about all of these products and how they will affect your station, work with one of our expert representatives. They can explain the technical specs, the long-term costs, and the installation requirements in detail. Once you are equipped with complete information, making the right selection is easy. Call us today to learn more about what LED signage can do for your gas station.

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