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Selecting the Right LED Signs


LED technology is so advanced and versatile that is has near limitless applications. That opens up exciting possibilities for you gas station, but it can also make it difficult to select the right sign. With so many choices, how do you find the sign that provides the right combination of cost and capability? We have put together this basic guide to introduce you to the various categories of LED signs we offer.

Gas Price Signs

Gas price signs simply display the cost of a gallon of gas in bright, clear numbers. We offer sizes ranging from 8 inches to 72 inches. Signs are available in a range of color choices and with features that make it easy for customers to distinguish the cost of diesel, unleaded, premium etc. As prices change, you can adjust the display remotely from up to 300 feet away.

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs offer the most amount of versatility. Think of them as TV screens that can accommodate a wide range of text, pictures, and videos. This capability allows you to expand the marketing and branding potential of your signage significantly. We offer these signs in a wide range of sizes, with varying levels of resolution, and with tri-color or full color image potential.

Canopy Signs

Canopy signs are a lot like gas price signs, but they are attached to the side of your canopy. The advantage is that they can be installed onto almost any canopy with ease, which means you have to make few if any special provisions to start using LED signage. The canopy is also a high-visibility location that naturally draws the eye of drivers. These signs, like all our signs, are available in multiple sizes, colors, and display configurations.

Cash/Credit Signs

If you offer different prices to customers paying with cash or credit, these signs make it easy to advertise both prices on a single display. That cuts down on the total number of signs you need, and makes the information easier for your customers to digest. Plus, like the gas price signs we mentioned earlier, the price can be changed in just seconds from inside your station.

Which Signs Are Right for My Business?

The answer to that question depends on many factors, from the size of your station, to your budget, to the signage you have in place currently. Remember that a single LED sign in the right place displaying the right message can still have a significant impact on your business. You can upgrade entirely to LED signs, or make them just a single feature of your overall signage mix.

To learn more about all of these products and how they will affect your station, work with one of our expert representatives. They can explain the technical specs, the long-term costs, and the installation requirements in detail. Once you are equipped with complete information, making the right selection is easy. Call us today to learn more about what LED signage can do for your gas station.

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Upgrading to LED Signs: A How To Guide


So you have decided to make the switch from your old and outdated signage to modern signage that utilizes LED technologies. You can expect to reap the benefits immediately, but it is important that you handle the transition carefully. This is a major project for your gas station and not one that you can just dive into. We have put together this simple how-to guide to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Plan the Scope of Your Order

Do you plan to upgrade all your signs to LEDs, or just your primary sign? Knowing how fully you want to invest in new technologies can help you budget, coordinate installations, and select the right sign models. Ask yourself, how many of my signs are creating business, and how many are just there? Any sign that does not generate revenue is a waste of space.

Analyze Your Resources

LED signs require certain amounts of space and access to electricity in order to function properly. Survey your property, and identify where your utilities are located, how topography will affect a new sign, and how much space you have to work with. Conducting this survey earlier rather than later can ensure your site is properly prepared when it’s time to install your new signs. If necessary, get in touch with a contractor to help you update your wiring or regrade your site.

Prepare for Construction

Installing new signage may temporarily interrupt your day to day operations. Decide if you want to close down entirely, or shut off just a few pumps. If you are having a large primary sign installed, consider the effect that crane trucks and construction crews may have on your customers. Planning ahead can help you minimize the frustrations for the people that support your business.

Study the Laws

Some municipalities have laws about where you can put signs, how large or bright they can be, and what they can display. Make sure you know about any laws you are subject to before you start ordering signs.

Create a Budget

If you have never relied on electronic signage before, LED signage will have an affect on your utility bills, even if it is minimal. There are also potential maintenance costs, installations costs, and insurance considerations. Work with your signage provider to determine exactly what you LED signage will cost you, and then figure that cost into your future budget.

Place Your Order

The final step is to place your order. A qualified supplier of LED signage with particular expertise serving gas stations can help you find the models that are right for your site. The range of options available to you is extensive, so rest assured that there is a sign out there to meet your needs. If you have questions about any of these steps, ask your supplier to provide you with detailed answers. They understand this technology and the unique challenges of implementation better than anyone. Rely on their expertise from the first step to the last.

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Drawing in Travelers with LED Signage

Marchmadness_PLEDThe peak of the college basketball season is about to begin, and tens of millions of fans can’t wait. With games being held throughout the country, on both coasts and everywhere in-between, there are going to be a lot of people hitting the road. For true fans, no March Madness game is too far away to make the trip.

If you run a gas station, or some other type of business that appeals to travelers, you owe it to yourself to prepare for March Madness travelers. You don’t want to be caught off guard, and if you do things right, you can bring in significant new sources of revenue during these two weeks in March. Put these tips into practice, and watch the new customers stream though the door.

Appeal to Basketball Fans

If you know that most of the travelers in your area are on the road for a specific reason, make a direct appeal to them. Welcome them to your city, wish their teams good luck, and offer specials on the goods they are most likely to shop for. Travelers have a lot of choices when selecting a place to stop, but if they know you are excited about the tournament too, they will choose you over the competition.

Advertise All Your Services

Long distance travelers are looking for more than just gas and snacks. They also need clean bathrooms, a place to walk their dogs, a sit down meal, or a place to peek in on the tournament action. Travelers know they can get candy bars anywhere, but if you offer esoteric but still essential services, they will seek you out. Make sure everyone that passes by is aware of all that you have to offer.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Everyone that is traveling somewhere will eventually have to travel back. That is why you should do everything possible to make an impression the first time, and hope that it leads to a second time. Make sure your shelves are stocked, your bathrooms are clean, you have enough staff to keep lines moving, and your station looks good both inside and out. Travelers are looking for someplace they know and can rely on. Make sure you don’t give any customer a reason not to come back.

The final piece of your March Madness strategy is signage. You can do everything right, but if you don’t have the right tools to communicate with motorists, your efforts may be wasted. No other signage technology combines the visibility, economy, and flexibility that LED signage does.

If you only have a few moments to make an impression on passing motorists, make sure your messaging is coming through loud and clear. March Madness travelers are going to need to stop somewhere. Let everyone know why they should stop at your location. There is still time to have LED signage of all shapes and sizes installed at your location, and its revenue-generating benefits extend far beyond the month of March.

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Positioning Your Signs To Be Seen

A highly visible sign is a gas station owner’s greatest asset. Unlike other business that use print, radio, TV and online ads to market themselves, gas stations have to grab a customer’s attention in the brief period of time that they are traveling by. An impossible to miss sign with the right message posted on it is the best way to do this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat is why the positioning of signs is so important. It doesn’t matter how big or bright your sign is, or how clever or appealing your copy writing is, if your sign is not positioned correctly, its impact is reduced significantly. That is why it is important to take the time to carefully evaluate your location before you put up any new signage. It is also crucial to evaluate the positioning of your existing signage as the area around your gas station evolves. These are the factors you need to keep in mind.

Sight Lines

Where do most of your customers come from? Try to put yourself in the mind of a potential customer and imagine what they see when they look at your gas station. Make sure that your sign is not blocked by trees, other signs or harsh lights. Your sign is a beacon for drivers, and they need to be able to navigate to your location using it.

The angle of your sign is also important. Consider, for instance, a station that is right off the highway. If there are highway exits in both directions, your sign needs to be visible from both directions. If drivers are only able to exit going one direction, however, it is a waste of resources to try and communicate to drivers traveling in the opposite direction because they have no way to reach you. Understanding sight lines is a good way to avoid an investment in unnecessary signage.

Effect on the Station

You use your signage to draw customers in, but once they are at your station, you don’t want your signage to be an obstacle. Select a location that is out of the way so that it does not affect drivers, or the overall layout of your station. Make sure you understand the boundaries of your property lines, and consider the needs of neighboring businesses. Calibrating all of these factors along with the challenges of maximizing visibility can be a challenge, so do not select a location in haste. Once a sign is erected, it is cost-prohibitive to move it.

Access to Utilities

Make sure that you know the technical specifications of your signage so that you can select a convenient place to access electricity that also provides stable enough ground. Keep in mind too that you will likely want to clean your sign at some point, so being in proximity to a hose is also a consideration. Consult with your signage provider to help you understand the technology you are working with.

Smaller Signs

Thus far, most of these tips have applied to your gas station’s largest and most primary sign. But you probably also rely on smaller signs in your store windows, at each gas pump and on the roads leading up to your station. Apply the principles mentioned above to these signs too. Any sign that is overlooked is a sign that is not doing its job.

Choosing the right location for a new sign is a challenge, but with some planning, common sense and the right technical information, you can use your signage to speak to the maximum number of customers. If you have further questions, work with partners who have signage expertise before you commit to any location.

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How Will Your Gas Station Thrive in 2014?

As one year gives way to the next, it is natural to reflect on the time that has passed and plan for the time yet to come. For most of us, this happens in the form of New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or spend more time doing hobbies, but it is important for businesses to reflect on themselves too.

How did your gas station do in 2013? Did you grow as much as you expected? Did you experience any significant setbacks? Most importantly, what are your plans for making 2014 your best year ever? If you have not asked yourself these questions, now is the time to do it. You have the whole year ahead of you, and the plans and investments you make now will affect the success of your business for the next 11 months. These are a few of the things you should think about as you prepare to thrive in 2014.


Many gas stations do not spend enough time evaluating their product offerings. Certain things like gas, coffee and candy bars will never go away, but there are dozens, and even hundreds, of other things on your shelves that could be helping or hurting your business.

At the start of the new year, evaluate what is selling and what is not. Could you make more money selling fresh hot dogs than prepackaged sandwiches? Would your customers prefer it if you dedicated more space to fountain drinks and less space to cooler drinks? Rather than falling back on tradition, consider the effect that each and every product in your inventory has on your bottom line. Also, if you do choose to offer new products, do you have the signage you need to tell your customers about it?


Unless your gas station is in a particularly remote area, you probably face stiff competition, and may even be surrounded on all sides by gas stations that are very similar to yours. As you plan for the new year, it is important to take into account your current and potential future competition. If you are not prepared to fight for customers, they can easily choose to go elsewhere.

Try to objectively evaluate what your station does well, and what it does poorly. Do the same for the stations around you. Once you have this knowledge, identify ways to stand out from the competition. If your station is bigger, newer, friendlier or cheaper than the competition, find a way to accentuate these features. Makes sure that everyone passing by your station knows what sets you apart.


Too often, gas stations rely on the necessity of their services as their only form of marketing. This is always a mistake, no matter how big your station is or where it is located. Customers need to know where you are, what you do and why you are the best in the area. Signage is a proven way to communicate all of these messages directly, while being affordable, and with flexibly.

In today’s petro marketplace, LED signage is the preferred technology. Not only are LED lights bright, colorful and easy to see from a distance, they allow you to deliver a wide range of messages to customers. Marketing for gas stations is all about making an appeal at the point of sale, and LED signage allows you to make a vast range of appeals. Let your LED signs tell people about your new products. Put up a message that sets you apart from the other stations in the area. Or simply use the adaptability of LED signage to give your station some character.

Updated signage should be a key component of your business strategy in 2014. This one-time investment improves the look of your station, grabs the attention of customers and allows you to communicate a lot more information than just gas prices and soda specials. Start preparing now, and get ready to have a great 2014.


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Stand Out Through the Winter Weather

The unique weather conditions during winter have a serious effect on drivers. And for the same reasons, they also have an effect on your business. Winter storms, overcast skies and shorter days all make it hard to see – that goes for the road, and the signs at your gas station.


That is why LED sign technology has become so popular for today’s gas stations. In addition to being energy efficient and affordable, LED signs are highly visible, no matter what the conditions are like outside. When you also consider how adaptable they are, they become the obvious choice for gas stations that want to capitalize on the winter season. These are just a few of the ways you can use your LED signage to have a bigger impact.

High Visibility

It is worth stressing how easy it is to see LED signs compared to other kinds of signage. Printed signs become almost irrelevant when it is hard to see outside, and neon signs have a limited range and a high operating cost. LED signs, on the other hand, are bright, colorful, active and impossible to miss. Imagine being a driver on the highway during a winter storm and seeing an exit with two gas stations. The one with the easy-to-see LED sign is the one they are more likely to pull into.

Customizable Messaging

LED signs can display a wide range of messages in the form of text, graphics or moving images. That means that you can keep drivers informed about important or appealing information. Your sign could warn drivers about winter storms or adverse road conditions down the highway. You might put up advertisements telling customers that you sell ice melt, hot coffee drinks or antifreeze. Many gas station owners even use their LED signs to offer passing motorists a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” to put a personal touch on things.

Easily Programmable

Anyone that has stood in a winter storm changing the price of gas on an elevated sign knows what a chore it is. With an LED sign, you never have to leave the comfort of your station to change the display on your sign. Not only does this make your life easier, it allows you to switch up your messaging at a moment’s notice. When winter weather suddenly appears, you will want to be able to give your customers up-to-the-minute information.

Storm Resistant

In the past, there was the real risk of having your signage damaged or disabled during a rough winter storm. LED signs are a lot more durable than previous technologies, and they have been proven to last through rain, sleet, snow and driving winds. They are not invincible, of course, but if you want to invest in signage that offers true levels of durability, LED signs are the obvious choice.

Make an investment in LED signage this winter, and it will pay you dividends for many years to come. Plus, the benefits of this technology are not limited to wintertime. There are lots of ways LED signs can help increase business in the spring and summer, but we will save that blog for another time. Before the worst of the winter weather hits, think about upgrading your signage.


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