Using LED signs to Enhance the Romance of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most unique holidays of the year. Unlike Christmas or Chanukah, it does not have a religious affiliation, so it is celebrated by an extremely wide segment of people. And unlike Thanksgiving or Independence Day, people typically go out rather than planning a celebration at home. Plus, everyone, even those who are not in a relationship, enjoys the concept of romance and tries to do something to recognize the holiday. For all of these reasons, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year in both the retail and service sectors.

Proposal on the Kiss Cam!

We don’t typically associate LED signs with this holiday specifically, or romance generally, but think about how often they rise to the occasion in the middle of February. Massive LED screens in sports arenas are used to broadcast unique wedding proposals, or the always popular “Kiss Cam.” Outdoor concerts full of love songs use LED screens to show the audience the passion on the performer’s face. Thanks to this flexible and highly visible signage technology, the feeling of romance is something we can all share in around Valentine’s Day.

If you have LED signage technology installed at your gas station, use it to attract special business around the holiday. With the right combination of images and text, you can bring streams of new business into your station. These customers are going to shop somewhere, so it may as well be at your station. Here are two simple strategies for using signage to attract Valentine’s Day business.

Romantic Messages

You don’t always have to use your signage to promote goods you sell. You can also use your signage to add character to your station and help it build an identity in the community. Around Valentine’s Day, display messages can be found wishing people a happy holiday, a day filled with love, or some other romantic message.

The effect of this is twofold. First, it shows customers that you have a heart and care about more than just their wallets. Second, it provides a subtle reminder of the holiday, and can help attract last minute shoppers. Think outside the box, and display lines from classic love poems, romantic movies, or even snarky messages for people who would rather skip the holiday.

Valentine’s Day Specials

There are lots of things that people buy at Valentine’s Day but at no other time during the year. Boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses are just a few examples. If you carry these products, or other Valentine’s Day essentials, let people know you have them. If you are offering special prices or offers, be sure to display those too. As we mentioned earlier, there are some mandatory purchases that go along with Valentine’s Day. Let your customers know how easy and economical it is to shop with you, and they will skip over your competition.

Another proven strategy is to simply remind people about Valentine’s Day in the days leading up, and to redouble your messaging on the day of. Lots of people forget what happens on February 14th and then end up in trouble with their significant other. Remind these customers what day it is, and help them do something special for the holiday.

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