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Today is National Take Your Daughter to Work Day, a time to show young girls what their parents do at work all day. This event is a lot of fun for parents and kids alike, but unfortunately it often functions more as a day off of school than a real learning opportunity.

If your daughter is coming in to work with you, there are fun ways to show her how business works that also teach valuable life skills. Your kids are probably not interested in learning accounting, but they could be interested in marketing. All businesses have to make an effort to advertise themselves, and you can use this occasion to show them some of the basic principles. Use these tips to teach your daughters lessons that will stick with them for a lifetime.

Design an Ad

Have your daughter create an ad for your business using whatever tools are available. Young girls could use crayons or markers, while older girls might be able to use computer based design tools. Stress that a good ad has an attention grabbing picture, and a message that connects with customers. When the girls are done, post the ad to your social media profile. Even if it is not appropriate to work into you normal advertising strategy, posting the homemade pictures shows that you are taking the holiday seriously, and creates a cute image for your business.

Make Her a Greeter

Sometimes the best advertising is simply smiling and saying hello when a customer walks through the front door. And when that message is coming from a cute little girl, is speaks even louder. Tell your daughter about how important it is for businesses to treat their customers with warmth and respect, and then put her front and center so she can get some experience of her own. It is a safe bet that your customers will be delighted, and your daughter will learn skills she can take with her to any job she works in the future.

Offer a Holiday Special

You are not the only person taking their daughter in to work today. If you have regular customers that suddenly have their daughter in tow, offer some kind of deal or giveaway, and get your daughter engaged with it to. It could be her job to hand out free pieces of candy to other little girls, or to hang up pictures that other daughters draw while they are at work with their mom or dad. Emphasize to your daughter that special offers are a big part of advertising, and that she is doing a great job of helping out.

Let Her Update Your Signage

If you take advantage of LED signage at your gas station, you know how easy it is to change around the pictures and text that you use. Tell your daughter about how important signage is for your station, and then let her change the the display herself. It may seem routine to you, but for your daughter it is something exciting and new.

The important thing is keeping your daughter engaged. That makes the experience more fun and meaningful for her, and frees you up to handle the important business. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can teach your daughter skills she will actually use in her professional life.

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