Prepare Your Station for Black Friday

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Prepare Your Station for Black Friday
We often associate the holiday season with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other joyous seasonal celebrations. There is another event to add to that list, but not one that people look forward to as fondly. Since 2005, the day after Thanksgiving, more commonly known as Black Friday, has been the busiest American shopping day of the year.

The term originated in the early 1960s to describe the traffic and congestion that clogged the streets of Philadelphia following Thanksgiving. The term caught on outside of Philadelphia beginning in the mid 70s and is now known by almost everyone. For shoppers, the term refers to the stress of the day, but for retailers it has come to mean the date when revenues shift “back into the black” thanks to increased holiday shopping.

If you want to avoid the stress of Black Friday and make the most of the earnings potential on this massive shopping today, prepare your gas station in the following ways.

Stock Up Your Station
As shoppers flock to malls and retail outlets, they will inevitably need to stop at a gas station to take care of their various needs. Make sure you are prepared for the increase in business by keeping your shelves stocked, new pots of coffee brewing at all times, and backup reserves of cash for your registers. Also, make sure that your station looks great by keeping the bathrooms clean and mopping up mud and water as it gets tracked into your store.

Have Directions Ready
Shoppers often travel to unfamiliar stores to take advantage of Black Friday specials. With so much going on that day, it is easy to get lost or confused. Makes sure that your employees are prepared to give directions to nearby retail locations. Also, instruct them to offer help courteously and not to view the queries as a burden.

Offer Black Friday Specials

There is no reason that a gas station can’t offer Black Friday specials to draw in customers. Think about what customers in your area most likely to buy and offer it at a discounted price. You can even partner with local retailers and offer deals if customers bring in a valid receipt. You are competing with every other gas station to draw the influx of motorists to your pumps, so brainstorm a way to make your station more appealing than the others.

Market Yourself

If you take any of the steps mentioned above, make sure your customers know about it. A bright, inviting LED sign is a great way to announce to everyone that drives by that you have hot drinks, buy one get one free pastries, or employees who are eager to help. Your sign is also a place where you can offer holiday greetings and good wishes to get everyone in the spirit. Or, conversely, you could poke fun at the stress of the day and serve up a humorous message to give your station character. An LED sign is an easy and flexible way to reach out to hundreds of new customers on Black Friday.

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