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Did you know that February 28th is Floral Design Day, a holiday meant to celebrate the natural beauty of flowers and the artistry of floral design? If you have never heard of this celebration before, don’t worry, you are not alone. Floral Design Day is not well known or widely celebrated, but if more people knew about it leading up to the 28th, perhaps they would find a way to celebrate.

4718368329_c1527299d1_zThe 2014 calendar is filled with obscure, unusual, and overlooked holidays. Just about every week of the year includes some sort of unexpected holiday or observance. These are just a few that you have probably never heard of.

  • March 4th is Pancake Day
  • May 11th is Eat What You Want Day
  • July 13th is Embrace Your Geekiness Day
  • October 1st is World Vegetarian Day
  • December 5th is International Ninja Day

Trust us, this is a very abridged list, and it does not even take into account the numerous weekly and monthly celebrations that happen throughout the year. Many of these holidays are silly, some are somber, and some are just plain bizarre. But the point is that they happen all the time, and your business can benefit from them.

Think of all the extra business you get around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Independence Day. People are buying supplies to celebrate, and also special items that are tailored specifically to the holiday. If you can raise awareness about lesser known holidays like Floral Design Day, you can encourage these same consumption patterns, you just need to have the right message, and the right way of delivering it.

Let’s use Eat What You Want Day as an example. Your gas station is probably stocked with candy, chips, and other delicious but fattening items. You probably also have customers that would love to indulge but are trying to stick to diets and weight loss plans. But if they knew that on May 11th they had a one day pass to eat whatever they wanted, and that they were not alone in their snacking, wouldn’t they be more inclined to buy treats from your store?

This is just one example, and not all holidays are as universal as Eat What You Want Day, but if you can attract just a few new customers to each of these obscure holidays, it can add up to serious amounts of revenue by the end of the year. Take these simple steps to drive in new business.

  • Educate yourself about unusual holidays throughout the year – this is a good resource
  • Determine which holidays apply to your business, and be sure to think outside the box. Just because you don’t sell the product that the holiday celebrates doesn’t mean there are not opportunities available.
  • Find a way to capitalize on the excitement. This could include everything from sales, to special offers, to celebratory events at your station
  • Use your LED signs to raise awareness of the event in the days leading up to it, and redouble your efforts on the day of. Also, be sure to tell customers why they should celebrate with you and not the competition.
  • Make sure you are prepared to handle the influx of business by increasing your inventory, cleaning your store thoroughly, and making extra space if necessary.

You don’t have to celebrate all or even most of these holidays. But with the right planning, you can set your store apart and attract excited new customers by celebrating a few of them. Look ahead into 2014, and start planning for Cheese Doodle Day, Third Shift Workers Day, Fresh Breath Day and so many more.

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