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Easter Bunny

Easter is not typically thought of a traveling holiday, but more people than you realize take to the roads to be with family, or to attend religious ceremonies and festivities. The roads might not be as packed as they are around Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it can still be a long and stressful experience for those behind the wheel.

If you run a gas station, take advantage of the Easter holiday, and do something extra for the people on the roads. No only will you spread good will, you can attract significant amounts of new business. Use this simple guide to help you connect with customers around Easter.

Prepare Your Station

Holiday travelers are looking for a respite when they pull off the road. Make sure they don’t have any reason to be disappointed with your station. Keep the bathrooms clean and stocked, fresh coffee brewing, and plenty of staff on hand to deal with long lines and muddy floors. Even customers that are traveling from far away will remember where they got good service and bad service. If you take this one opportunity to impress them, they might make a point of stopping back again.

Stock Holiday Merchandise

You probably don’t want to fill your cooler cases with Easter hams, but why not stock plastic Easter eggs, bit sized candies, bunny ears and Easter baskets? In the rush to get on the road, families don’t always have the time to do something for the kids. You can save them a lot of stress by making these Easter staples easy to buy.

Join in the Holiday Spirit

If you have the room at your gas station, consider having an Easter celebration of your own. A visit from the Easter bunny or an Easter egg hunt delights the kids, and their parents might do some shopping while the kids are occupied. Even if you don’t have the time or the room, consider putting up decorations to show you are in the holiday spirit. Also, remember that Easter is as much a celebration of spring as a religious holiday, and many non-religious people celebrate it in some form. When planning or decorating, try to find strategies that appeal to both audiences.

Let Everyone Know

If you decide to act on any of these ideas, make sure that everyone knows about them. The right mix of signage and messaging is the best way to grab the attention of passing motorists. If your sign is big enough and bright enough, you can let everyone know that you are the Easter headquarters, in addition to being a fast, full service gas station.

In this situation, LED signage is ideal. Not only is it highly visible, it allows you to work pictures and videos into your messaging. That means drivers don’t just see the price of gas, they can see a waving Easter bunny, blooming flowers, and candy colored eggs. Simple strategies like this can help you stand apart from the competition and show your new and returning customers that you care about the same things they do.

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