Halloween Gas Station & LED Related Costumes

With Halloween fast approaching, there is a rush to find the perfect costume. Ghoulish ghosts and celebrity costumes are always popular, but at this point everyone has seen them. The best costumes get noticed because they are unique, clever, and outrageous.

If you are looking for the perfect costume to make your mark, why not go with a look that everyone is familiar with: the gas station. These iconic locales and the characters who staff them are just as recognizable as Frankestein or Snooki, but they rarely show up to the Halloween party. There are so many clever ways to play with gas station costumes that there is a look to fit anyone, man or woman, young or old. If you want to make an impression this Halloween, think about dressing up in one of these eye-catching costumes.

Gas Station Attendant

The gas station attendant calls to mind hard work, mechanical talent, and a down home background. A greasy pair of coveralls and a socket wrench say to anyone that you have spent a long day under the hood.


Tweak the costume by dressing up as a sultry female gas station attendant ready to hop in the back of a convertible. These symbols of Americana are as classic as apple pie.

Gas Station Sign

Gas prices are a cost that we all have to deal with. As you drive down the highway, it is hard not to read every gas price sign looking for the best price. Why not dress up as one of these ubiquitous signs and advertise gas for 10 cents a gallon? Or take it in the other direction and charge 20 dollars a gallon to poke fun at rising prices. Your sign can say whatever you want to and bear the logo of your favorite gas station.

Gas Pump

How much time have we all spent standing next to a gas pump? Just like a refrigerator or a thermostat, these are machines that people rely on every day. Dressing up as a gas pump lets you embody one of these familiar sights and leaves plenty or room for jokes.


Put a yellow plastic bag over the pump to poke fun at gas shortages. Dress up as an ethanol or carbon fuel pump to show your commitment to green energy. If you are really feeling ambitious, build a working pump into your costume that actually dispenses liquid.

LED Creation

 If you want to highlight any costume, or add authentic flare to your gas station costume, incorporate some LED lights. A great costume is one thing, but a glowing costume is another thing all together. GlowstickCostumes-300x264

Use real LED lights to give your gas station sign authenticity. Light up your gas pump costume to make it look like am actual machine. Work a bright hat or jacket into your gas station attendant costume, and you will stand out in any crowd. LED lights are bright, affordable, and easy-to-use!

So why not give this year’s Halloween costume a look that can’t be ignored?

Original Source: http://blog.petroledsigns.com/holiday-and-events/halloween-gas-station-led-related-costumes

Image Source: softcircuitsaturdays.com;clicket.com;stylehive.com



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