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Teach Your Daughter the Value of Marketing

Father Daughter

Today is National Take Your Daughter to Work Day, a time to show young girls what their parents do at work all day. This event is a lot of fun for parents and kids alike, but unfortunately it often functions more as a day off of school than a real learning opportunity.

If your daughter is coming in to work with you, there are fun ways to show her how business works that also teach valuable life skills. Your kids are probably not interested in learning accounting, but they could be interested in marketing. All businesses have to make an effort to advertise themselves, and you can use this occasion to show them some of the basic principles. Use these tips to teach your daughters lessons that will stick with them for a lifetime.

Design an Ad

Have your daughter create an ad for your business using whatever tools are available. Young girls could use crayons or markers, while older girls might be able to use computer based design tools. Stress that a good ad has an attention grabbing picture, and a message that connects with customers. When the girls are done, post the ad to your social media profile. Even if it is not appropriate to work into you normal advertising strategy, posting the homemade pictures shows that you are taking the holiday seriously, and creates a cute image for your business.

Make Her a Greeter

Sometimes the best advertising is simply smiling and saying hello when a customer walks through the front door. And when that message is coming from a cute little girl, is speaks even louder. Tell your daughter about how important it is for businesses to treat their customers with warmth and respect, and then put her front and center so she can get some experience of her own. It is a safe bet that your customers will be delighted, and your daughter will learn skills she can take with her to any job she works in the future.

Offer a Holiday Special

You are not the only person taking their daughter in to work today. If you have regular customers that suddenly have their daughter in tow, offer some kind of deal or giveaway, and get your daughter engaged with it to. It could be her job to hand out free pieces of candy to other little girls, or to hang up pictures that other daughters draw while they are at work with their mom or dad. Emphasize to your daughter that special offers are a big part of advertising, and that she is doing a great job of helping out.

Let Her Update Your Signage

If you take advantage of LED signage at your gas station, you know how easy it is to change around the pictures and text that you use. Tell your daughter about how important signage is for your station, and then let her change the the display herself. It may seem routine to you, but for your daughter it is something exciting and new.

The important thing is keeping your daughter engaged. That makes the experience more fun and meaningful for her, and frees you up to handle the important business. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can teach your daughter skills she will actually use in her professional life.

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Help Your Customers Have a Happy Easter

Easter Bunny

Easter is not typically thought of a traveling holiday, but more people than you realize take to the roads to be with family, or to attend religious ceremonies and festivities. The roads might not be as packed as they are around Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it can still be a long and stressful experience for those behind the wheel.

If you run a gas station, take advantage of the Easter holiday, and do something extra for the people on the roads. No only will you spread good will, you can attract significant amounts of new business. Use this simple guide to help you connect with customers around Easter.

Prepare Your Station

Holiday travelers are looking for a respite when they pull off the road. Make sure they don’t have any reason to be disappointed with your station. Keep the bathrooms clean and stocked, fresh coffee brewing, and plenty of staff on hand to deal with long lines and muddy floors. Even customers that are traveling from far away will remember where they got good service and bad service. If you take this one opportunity to impress them, they might make a point of stopping back again.

Stock Holiday Merchandise

You probably don’t want to fill your cooler cases with Easter hams, but why not stock plastic Easter eggs, bit sized candies, bunny ears and Easter baskets? In the rush to get on the road, families don’t always have the time to do something for the kids. You can save them a lot of stress by making these Easter staples easy to buy.

Join in the Holiday Spirit

If you have the room at your gas station, consider having an Easter celebration of your own. A visit from the Easter bunny or an Easter egg hunt delights the kids, and their parents might do some shopping while the kids are occupied. Even if you don’t have the time or the room, consider putting up decorations to show you are in the holiday spirit. Also, remember that Easter is as much a celebration of spring as a religious holiday, and many non-religious people celebrate it in some form. When planning or decorating, try to find strategies that appeal to both audiences.

Let Everyone Know

If you decide to act on any of these ideas, make sure that everyone knows about them. The right mix of signage and messaging is the best way to grab the attention of passing motorists. If your sign is big enough and bright enough, you can let everyone know that you are the Easter headquarters, in addition to being a fast, full service gas station.

In this situation, LED signage is ideal. Not only is it highly visible, it allows you to work pictures and videos into your messaging. That means drivers don’t just see the price of gas, they can see a waving Easter bunny, blooming flowers, and candy colored eggs. Simple strategies like this can help you stand apart from the competition and show your new and returning customers that you care about the same things they do.

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Holiday Business Signs

Did you know that February 28th is Floral Design Day, a holiday meant to celebrate the natural beauty of flowers and the artistry of floral design? If you have never heard of this celebration before, don’t worry, you are not alone. Floral Design Day is not well known or widely celebrated, but if more people knew about it leading up to the 28th, perhaps they would find a way to celebrate.

4718368329_c1527299d1_zThe 2014 calendar is filled with obscure, unusual, and overlooked holidays. Just about every week of the year includes some sort of unexpected holiday or observance. These are just a few that you have probably never heard of.

  • March 4th is Pancake Day
  • May 11th is Eat What You Want Day
  • July 13th is Embrace Your Geekiness Day
  • October 1st is World Vegetarian Day
  • December 5th is International Ninja Day

Trust us, this is a very abridged list, and it does not even take into account the numerous weekly and monthly celebrations that happen throughout the year. Many of these holidays are silly, some are somber, and some are just plain bizarre. But the point is that they happen all the time, and your business can benefit from them.

Think of all the extra business you get around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Independence Day. People are buying supplies to celebrate, and also special items that are tailored specifically to the holiday. If you can raise awareness about lesser known holidays like Floral Design Day, you can encourage these same consumption patterns, you just need to have the right message, and the right way of delivering it.

Let’s use Eat What You Want Day as an example. Your gas station is probably stocked with candy, chips, and other delicious but fattening items. You probably also have customers that would love to indulge but are trying to stick to diets and weight loss plans. But if they knew that on May 11th they had a one day pass to eat whatever they wanted, and that they were not alone in their snacking, wouldn’t they be more inclined to buy treats from your store?

This is just one example, and not all holidays are as universal as Eat What You Want Day, but if you can attract just a few new customers to each of these obscure holidays, it can add up to serious amounts of revenue by the end of the year. Take these simple steps to drive in new business.

  • Educate yourself about unusual holidays throughout the year – this is a good resource
  • Determine which holidays apply to your business, and be sure to think outside the box. Just because you don’t sell the product that the holiday celebrates doesn’t mean there are not opportunities available.
  • Find a way to capitalize on the excitement. This could include everything from sales, to special offers, to celebratory events at your station
  • Use your LED signs to raise awareness of the event in the days leading up to it, and redouble your efforts on the day of. Also, be sure to tell customers why they should celebrate with you and not the competition.
  • Make sure you are prepared to handle the influx of business by increasing your inventory, cleaning your store thoroughly, and making extra space if necessary.

You don’t have to celebrate all or even most of these holidays. But with the right planning, you can set your store apart and attract excited new customers by celebrating a few of them. Look ahead into 2014, and start planning for Cheese Doodle Day, Third Shift Workers Day, Fresh Breath Day and so many more.

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Using LED signs to Enhance the Romance of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most unique holidays of the year. Unlike Christmas or Chanukah, it does not have a religious affiliation, so it is celebrated by an extremely wide segment of people. And unlike Thanksgiving or Independence Day, people typically go out rather than planning a celebration at home. Plus, everyone, even those who are not in a relationship, enjoys the concept of romance and tries to do something to recognize the holiday. For all of these reasons, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year in both the retail and service sectors.

Proposal on the Kiss Cam!

We don’t typically associate LED signs with this holiday specifically, or romance generally, but think about how often they rise to the occasion in the middle of February. Massive LED screens in sports arenas are used to broadcast unique wedding proposals, or the always popular “Kiss Cam.” Outdoor concerts full of love songs use LED screens to show the audience the passion on the performer’s face. Thanks to this flexible and highly visible signage technology, the feeling of romance is something we can all share in around Valentine’s Day.

If you have LED signage technology installed at your gas station, use it to attract special business around the holiday. With the right combination of images and text, you can bring streams of new business into your station. These customers are going to shop somewhere, so it may as well be at your station. Here are two simple strategies for using signage to attract Valentine’s Day business.

Romantic Messages

You don’t always have to use your signage to promote goods you sell. You can also use your signage to add character to your station and help it build an identity in the community. Around Valentine’s Day, display messages can be found wishing people a happy holiday, a day filled with love, or some other romantic message.

The effect of this is twofold. First, it shows customers that you have a heart and care about more than just their wallets. Second, it provides a subtle reminder of the holiday, and can help attract last minute shoppers. Think outside the box, and display lines from classic love poems, romantic movies, or even snarky messages for people who would rather skip the holiday.

Valentine’s Day Specials

There are lots of things that people buy at Valentine’s Day but at no other time during the year. Boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses are just a few examples. If you carry these products, or other Valentine’s Day essentials, let people know you have them. If you are offering special prices or offers, be sure to display those too. As we mentioned earlier, there are some mandatory purchases that go along with Valentine’s Day. Let your customers know how easy and economical it is to shop with you, and they will skip over your competition.

Another proven strategy is to simply remind people about Valentine’s Day in the days leading up, and to redouble your messaging on the day of. Lots of people forget what happens on February 14th and then end up in trouble with their significant other. Remind these customers what day it is, and help them do something special for the holiday.

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Stay Safe This New Year’s Eve

5309280661_724b7e0feb_zStay Safe This New Year’s Eve

The night of New Year’s Eve is often a carefree time. People are saying goodbye to the previous year and looking forward to the next one. It is an occasion when people cast their inhibitions aside, embrace things a little out of the ordinary, and let loose like they may not all year long.

There is a lot of fun to be had, but you also need to stay safe. New Year’s Eve presents tons of opportunities to have a good time, but there are unique dangers to the evening as well. If you plan to go out this year, follow these tips to make sure that you and your friends make it home to enjoy the coming year.

Never Drink and Drive

It is worth it to emphasize this point on New Year’s Eve. People that are normally responsible often let their guard down on this one night. They drink a little more that they should, the champagne goes to their head, and they stay out later than normal. If you feel in any way impaired, or have consumed even small amounts of alcohol, you should not get behind the wheel of a car. Similarly, never be a passenger in a vehicle that is being driven by a drunk driver.

There are lots of alternative ways to get home. Before the night begins, designate a driver who agrees to drink nothing with alcohol. Establish a plan before you leave for the night so that you don’t have to work out logistics with intoxicated people. If a friend is unavailable, have a cab take you home. It is a good idea to arrange for a cab ahead of time in case you do not have the presence of mind later. If need be, sleep over at the site of the New Year’s Party. Every alternative is better than drunk driving.

Plan an Alternate Route

Even if you are completely sober, you need to be prepared for the unique road conditions of New Year’s Eve. You may have been responsible, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else has been. Late at night on New Year’s Eve, there is a much heavier volume of both cars and pedestrians on the street, and many of them have been drinking. Whenever possible, avoid major roads and intersections so that you can bypass the worst of the holiday traffic.

Check the Weather

It might be a beautiful night when you head out, and dumping snow by the time you plan to leave. Check the weather forecast before you go out so that you know what is coming. You can avoid hazardous conditions on the road by planning to head home before storms move in.

You do not have to sacrifice your fun to have a great night on New Year’s Eve. Make a plan, stick to it, and be smart. Don’t just watch out for yourself, watch out for everyone else too. All of us here at Petro LED wish you a happy and safe holiday, and we hope that the coming year is your best one yet.

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Merry Christmas from Petro LED

How can you help but be enchanted by the Christmas season? Homes are decorated with colorful lights that shine through the night. Christmas trees are adorned with treasured ornaments. Festively wrapped presents are gather under the tree, and the excitement of children is so palpable that you can feel it in the air. The days leading up to and following Christmas are unlike any other time of year.

Here at Petro LED, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family, and all of your friends a very Merry Christmas. We hope that you have the chance to take some time off of work, to enjoy a delicious meal, and to spend some quality time with the ones that you love. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, this is a wonderful time to relax, reflect, and reconnect.

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions, and there is no right or wrong way to celebrate the holiday. Some people make lasagna for dinner. Some people pack stockings full of gag gifts. There are even those that have an annual football game in the deep snow and freezing temperatures. Part of the charm of Christmas is that people create the celebration they most want to be a part of.

One constant that carries through many Christmas traditions, however, is the use of light. We drape our Christmas trees with them, put them in the trees in our front yard, and find them in the front windows of almost every business. For more than 300 years, light has been one of the primary symbols of Christmas.

The tradition began when people decorated their Christmas trees with actual wax candles. Once electric lights were invented, miniature Christmas tree bulbs began to be crafted, and new colors appeared. Now, every kind of light imaginable shines through the night around the Christmas season. People put up endless streams of twinkling lights, have glowing inflatable Santas in their front yard, and even use LED technology to put together elaborate Christmas spectacles.

Like the holiday itself, there is no right or wrong way to use light around Christmas. A single humble candle can be as affecting and meaningful as a shining winter wonderland. What matters is acknowledging the season with this powerful symbol of Christmas time hope.

It is our greatest hope that your holiday season is filled with light. All of us in the Petro LED family are excited about Christmas, and we bet that you are too. As the big day quickly approaches, make sure that you have your shopping done, all your decorations up, and some holiday cookies baking in the oven. Finally, and most importantly, we hope that you are surrounded by the people that you love. Christmas only comes once a year, so make the most of this magical time while you can. Merry Christmas to you from your friends at Petro LED.

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Turkey and Football: Thanksgiving Classics


Turkey and Football: Thanksgiving Classics

Thanksgiving and football go together like mashed potatoes and gravy. In homes across the country, people spend as much time watching football on Thanksgiving as they do eating stuffing and pie. Many football fans even find themselves rooting for teams they never normally follow simply because the excitement of the Thanksgiving day games is so intense.

History of Thanksgiving Football

Football has been played on Thanksgiving for almost as long as the sport has existed. The first Thanksgiving football game was played in Philadelphia in 1869 just two weeks after the sport is most commonly believed to have been invented. On that first holiday game, Rutgers played Princeton University in a game that few of us would recognize as football.

Professional football has been played on Thanksgiving since the 1890s. Before the formation of the NFL, some early leagues even held their championship game on Thanksgiving. The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys have played a home game every Thanksgiving since 1934 and 1966 respectively. Today, they are the two professional teams most widely associated with Thanksgiving day football.

Memorable Thanksgiving Day Games

Thanksgiving day games tend to be high stakes, coming as they do towards the end of the season. Teams are often fighting for a spot in the playoffs when they take the field at the end of November. That is why there have been so many thrilling, nail biting, and unforgettable games over the years. These are just a few of the most famous.

  • The Detroit Lions kept the Green Bay Packers from having an undefeated season when they defeated them 10-0 in the 1962 game.
  • In 1976, O.J. Simpsons set the single game rushing record when he ran for 273 yards for the Buffalo Bills
  • A dramatic 1993 game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins came down to a last second field goal that was blocked, setting up one of the most famous plays in NFL history.
  • Jets quarterback Marc Sanchez became infamous for the “butt fumble” when he ran headfirst into his own offensive lineman and lost the ball in a 2012 Thanksgiving day game.

Football at Home

The link between Thanksgiving and football goes beyond merely watching games on TV. At many holiday gatherings, a friendly game of touch or flag football is a yearly tradition. Friends and families take advantage of the crisp weather to play a game they might only play one day a year. There is a connection between the sport and the holiday that goes beyond their long history together. On the last Thursday in November, people expect to enjoy football just as eagerly as they expect to enjoy turkey.

If your station is open on Thanksgiving, make sure that you are stocked up, and carry items that cooks might need at the last minute like bagged ice or brown sugar. Also, be sure that you put a Holiday greeting up on your LED sign, and if the hometown team is playing football on that Thanksgiving, show your support.

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Prepare Your Station for Black Friday

306721584_1aceec09a9 Med

Prepare Your Station for Black Friday
We often associate the holiday season with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other joyous seasonal celebrations. There is another event to add to that list, but not one that people look forward to as fondly. Since 2005, the day after Thanksgiving, more commonly known as Black Friday, has been the busiest American shopping day of the year.

The term originated in the early 1960s to describe the traffic and congestion that clogged the streets of Philadelphia following Thanksgiving. The term caught on outside of Philadelphia beginning in the mid 70s and is now known by almost everyone. For shoppers, the term refers to the stress of the day, but for retailers it has come to mean the date when revenues shift “back into the black” thanks to increased holiday shopping.

If you want to avoid the stress of Black Friday and make the most of the earnings potential on this massive shopping today, prepare your gas station in the following ways.

Stock Up Your Station
As shoppers flock to malls and retail outlets, they will inevitably need to stop at a gas station to take care of their various needs. Make sure you are prepared for the increase in business by keeping your shelves stocked, new pots of coffee brewing at all times, and backup reserves of cash for your registers. Also, make sure that your station looks great by keeping the bathrooms clean and mopping up mud and water as it gets tracked into your store.

Have Directions Ready
Shoppers often travel to unfamiliar stores to take advantage of Black Friday specials. With so much going on that day, it is easy to get lost or confused. Makes sure that your employees are prepared to give directions to nearby retail locations. Also, instruct them to offer help courteously and not to view the queries as a burden.

Offer Black Friday Specials

There is no reason that a gas station can’t offer Black Friday specials to draw in customers. Think about what customers in your area most likely to buy and offer it at a discounted price. You can even partner with local retailers and offer deals if customers bring in a valid receipt. You are competing with every other gas station to draw the influx of motorists to your pumps, so brainstorm a way to make your station more appealing than the others.

Market Yourself

If you take any of the steps mentioned above, make sure your customers know about it. A bright, inviting LED sign is a great way to announce to everyone that drives by that you have hot drinks, buy one get one free pastries, or employees who are eager to help. Your sign is also a place where you can offer holiday greetings and good wishes to get everyone in the spirit. Or, conversely, you could poke fun at the stress of the day and serve up a humorous message to give your station character. An LED sign is an easy and flexible way to reach out to hundreds of new customers on Black Friday.

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Halloween Gas Station & LED Related Costumes

With Halloween fast approaching, there is a rush to find the perfect costume. Ghoulish ghosts and celebrity costumes are always popular, but at this point everyone has seen them. The best costumes get noticed because they are unique, clever, and outrageous.

If you are looking for the perfect costume to make your mark, why not go with a look that everyone is familiar with: the gas station. These iconic locales and the characters who staff them are just as recognizable as Frankestein or Snooki, but they rarely show up to the Halloween party. There are so many clever ways to play with gas station costumes that there is a look to fit anyone, man or woman, young or old. If you want to make an impression this Halloween, think about dressing up in one of these eye-catching costumes.

Gas Station Attendant

The gas station attendant calls to mind hard work, mechanical talent, and a down home background. A greasy pair of coveralls and a socket wrench say to anyone that you have spent a long day under the hood.


Tweak the costume by dressing up as a sultry female gas station attendant ready to hop in the back of a convertible. These symbols of Americana are as classic as apple pie.

Gas Station Sign

Gas prices are a cost that we all have to deal with. As you drive down the highway, it is hard not to read every gas price sign looking for the best price. Why not dress up as one of these ubiquitous signs and advertise gas for 10 cents a gallon? Or take it in the other direction and charge 20 dollars a gallon to poke fun at rising prices. Your sign can say whatever you want to and bear the logo of your favorite gas station.

Gas Pump

How much time have we all spent standing next to a gas pump? Just like a refrigerator or a thermostat, these are machines that people rely on every day. Dressing up as a gas pump lets you embody one of these familiar sights and leaves plenty or room for jokes.


Put a yellow plastic bag over the pump to poke fun at gas shortages. Dress up as an ethanol or carbon fuel pump to show your commitment to green energy. If you are really feeling ambitious, build a working pump into your costume that actually dispenses liquid.

LED Creation

 If you want to highlight any costume, or add authentic flare to your gas station costume, incorporate some LED lights. A great costume is one thing, but a glowing costume is another thing all together. GlowstickCostumes-300x264

Use real LED lights to give your gas station sign authenticity. Light up your gas pump costume to make it look like am actual machine. Work a bright hat or jacket into your gas station attendant costume, and you will stand out in any crowd. LED lights are bright, affordable, and easy-to-use!

So why not give this year’s Halloween costume a look that can’t be ignored?

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