Spend Less On Gas This Holiday Season

gas_pricesThe holiday season is a busy time for drivers. In addition to traveling to visit friends and family, people are on the road more to shop for presents, visit the grocery store, attend holiday recitals, and shuttle kids around during holiday breaks. Over time, all this driving can burn through a lot of gas.

You are probably looking for ways to stretch your holiday budget a little further this year, and transportation is one area where you can make a serious dent. In order to spend less at the pump during the hectic time between Thanksgiving and New Year, follow these simple tips.

Get Your Vehicle in Shape

The health of your vehicle has a significant impact on your fuel economy. Before the holiday season starts, take care of some basic maintenance. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated and aligned. Inspect the chassis and suspension for misalignments that can create extra engine drag. Have your engine tuned up according to manufacturer’s specifications, and you could improve your fuel efficiency by 4%. Finally, make sure that you have your oil changed regularly.

Drive Differently

Efficient driving starts with the vehicle, but it ends with the driver. If you drive carefully and consciously, you can make each tank of gas last a little longer. First and foremost, don’t drive faster than you need to. As your speed increases, your fuel economy drops. Also, avoid heavy traffic and routes where you will do a lot of stopping and starting. It may even be worth it to take a longer route if you can avoid heavy traffic. If the weather permits, use your cruise control on the highway to maintain an efficient speed.

Reduce the Weight of Your Vehicle

This is one aspect of efficiency that many people overlook, but an extra 100 pounds of weight can reduce your fuel economy by 2%. Try to travel lightly, even if you have to pack the car with luggage and gifts. If the roads are clear, and you have the option of traveling by car or truck, go with the car. Try to limit your holiday shopping to as few excursions as possible to cut down on overloaded trips.

Find the Cheapest Gas

Gas prices can vary widely, even within a very small area. Everyone would like to find the lowest price, and luckily there are new tools that make it especially easy. Download one of the many free apps for your phone that allow you to comparison shop gas prices wherever you are. Also, look out for deals that might reduce your overall bill at the gas station. If you can get a free cup of coffee with a fill up, it is worth it to pay a few extra cents per gallon.

Fuel economy is important during the holiday season, but not as important as safety. When you are on the road, your number one priority should be the safety of yourself, your passengers and all the other drivers. If you remain conscientious and defensive on the road, you can avoid delays and save gas at the same time.


Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/mdu2boy/2985034861

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