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Amazing LED Signs from Around the World

Over the last several decades, many businesses have begun to use LED technology in their electronic signs. As the technology has become both more adaptable and affordable, it became advantageous to use LED rather than neon signs.

Neon signs are great, and there is still a place for them, but businesses both large and small now realize the potential of LED technology. LED signs provide the opportunity to use a stunning range of colors, to display full motion graphics, and to change the readout at a moment’s notice. That is why some of the biggest, brightest and most stunning signs being installed today are enhanced with LED technology.

Around the world, LED signs are going up that dazzle all who see them. These are some of the most jaw-dropping examples.


AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, was the first NFL stadium to make use of a full 1080p HD display for their arena screen. The display surface measures 72 feet high by 160 feet wide and offers replays, crowd reaction shots, advertisements and graphics. The screen is so large that several teams have had punts bounce off of it during games. Like everything in Texas, the LED screen at AT&T Stadium is extra big.

Times Square

Times Square has always been known for creative, oversized electronic signs. In earlier days they were primarily neon, but today the landmark location is filled with stunning LED signs. One of the most impressive is the Walgreens sign which was installed in 2008. The sign is made out of a series of diagonally-aligned panels, so that the display wraps around the side of the building seamlessly. More than 30 custom built computers control the display, which shows everything from ads to breaking news.

The Podium

When the LED sign on the side of the Podium Tower in Dubai is completed, it is expected to be the largest LED sign in the world. The sign will literally cover one side of the building and stretch to a height of 33 stories. Once lit, it will be visible for up to 1.5 kilometers. Amazingly, the sign offers a full color display but does not obstruct the flow of natural light into the building.

The Invisible Tower

This one is still in the design phase, but when it is completed it will be one of the world’s architectural marvels. The South Korean government has approved plans to begin construction of “The Invisible Tower,” a skyscraper whose entire facade is covered in an LED skin. Using a sophisticated series of cameras, the skin will reflect the surrounding landscape so that the tower does not appear to be there at all. In addition to being nearly invisible, the tower will be one of the tallest building in the world when it is completed.

In 20 years time, there is no telling how far LED technology will have advanced. The potential is immense, but already LED signs offer exciting opportunities for anyone who wants to grab attention. If you are ready to update your signage, learn more about everything LED technology can do.


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Iconic Neon Signs

With their bright colors and warm glow, it is hard to miss a neon sign. That’s probably why there are so many of them out there. These iconic sights are part of the visual fabric of this country, and countries around the world.

The neon sign was first introduced in its modern form at the 1910 Paris Motor Show. They caused an immediate sensation, and artists, architects, designers and business owners saw their potential from the start. By 1940, there were as many as 2,000 shops in the United States alone producing neon signs.

Neon signage is not as popular as it used to be, but there are still a few signs that everyone recognizes. Many cities are also making efforts to restore their classic signs. Take a trip through the golden age of neon signage, and see if you recognize some of these iconic landmarks.

las-vegas-signThe Las Vegas Sign

Even if you have never been to Las Vegas, you probably recognize the sign that welcomes visitors to town. It was built in 1959 and has become as iconic as any of the hotels on the Strip. Las Vegas has always been a city of lights, and the welcome sign is just one of dozens of neon masterpieces that are still shining bright in Sin City.

Sam the Record Man Sign

Sam’s Record Store in Toronto has a neon sign that is impossible to miss. Two gigantic vinyl records are mounted to the front of the store and feature neon tubing in place of the grooves. Not only is this sign attention-grabbing, it also shows off all the creative ways there are to use neon. As long as Sam is still selling records, his sign will draw in customers from far and wide.

Coca-Cola Sign in Times Square

In 1920, an upstart soda company called Coca-Cola erected a 75-foot-tall sign in Times Square. In 1923, neon lighting was added, making the sign the second largest electric sign in the world at the time. The memorable ad was moved to a different location in 1932 where it has undergone many upgrades and modifications. The original, however, is a symbol of the neon wonderland that was Times Square in the first half of the 20th century.

Grain Belt Beer Sign

More people probably recognized the Grain Belt Beer sign than have actually tried the product. The neon letters of the name are superimposed over a giant rendering of the bottle cap. The sign was erected soon after Prohibition ended, and is directly adjacent to a major bridge in Minneapolis. It is still lit today and considered by most to be a local landmark.

New advances in signage have become more popular than neon for many businesses. But this style of sign is still in use, and people are finding creative ways to display them. It goes to show how popular and effective electronic signage is for businesses. The customers of the future, just like the customers of the past, will stop and stare when they see a truly spectacular electronic sign.


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